Thursday, March 8, 2012

About Us: Akron Empire

Akron Empire is our favorite places, people and events in Northeast Ohio.

This blog came about because Brit and Joanna wanted a platform to share their thoughts on their favorite places, people and events in their community.  You can expect to read about local stores, businesses, restaurants, bands, organizations and groups, happenings and events.

Who are Brit and Joanna?

Brit is a high school English teacher, the mother of a young son and the maker of custom guitar picks that she sells at indie craft shows in the area. ( is the author of two books about Christmas on television, a triathlete, and the maker of hand embroidered greeting cards. ( and They met at a local independent arts & craft event and share a passion for the Akron community and its people.

We ask for your help in making Akron Empire the best it can be:
--if there is a restaurant, business, band, group or event you’d like to see covered on Akron Empire, please send your suggestions to: AkronEmpire [at] gmail dot com
placing the words ‘post suggestion’ in the subject line.

--if you have a subject you’d like to write a blog post about for Akron Empire, please email us and place the words ‘I wanna WRITE’ in the subject line.

We welcome your feedback as we make and grow this blog.

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