Thursday, March 15, 2012

DDPP-Akron Spring Social, March 30th

DDPP-Akron’s 2012 Spring Social: Madge Vs. Michael, Friday March 30th
by Brit Charek

No booze, no boys, and no judgment.  Those are the only three rules at Dance Dance Party Party (DDPP), a local group for women to dance and express themselves.  They are pretty serious about the ‘no judgement’ rule, according to Juniper Sage, one of the den mothers of DDPP-Akron.  By that, Sage means no judgment of others but more importantly, no judgment of yourself as well.  She says the goal is to freely express your inner diva through dance. 

DDPP-Akron dancers in their handmade legwarmers

DDPP-Akron is the local chapter of an international organization of women who gather together regularly to dance.  The Akron group meets for one hour, not for instruction or dance class, but to merely dance to pop music.  The other den mother is Akron Empire’s Joanna Wilson.  She says “Some people don’t know what to expect before they come to DDPP the first time, but we really encourage women to dance any way they want.  We have women of all ages and backgrounds that attend so some show up in sweat pants and t-shirts who are there for a work-out and to burn calories while other dancers are more intent on perfecting their hip-hop moves or getting out to socialize with friends.” 

Masthead of DDPP-Akron website:

If you’re looking to experience a dance party yourself, women may join the group at Martell’s School of Dance at 788 W. Market Street in Akron’s Highland Square.  They dance every first, third and fifth Friday of each month starting at 7:30pm.  They have more recently added an hour of dance on each second Sunday afternoon of every month starting at 4pm.  The women of DDPP-Akron have been throwing their dance parties for three years, recently celebrating their anniversary in February.

The King and Queen of Pop Music: Friday March 30th

A perfect time to check the group out for the first time is during their annual Spring Social on Friday, March 30th at 7:30pm.  This special two-hour dance party will feature a provocative music mix.  The first hour’s playlist will consist solely of dance hits by Madonna followed by a second hour’s worth of music by Michael Jackson.  It will be a dance-off between the Queen and King of Pop Music.  If that doesn’t have you running out on to the dance floor to bust a move, then nothing will!

For more information: check out the DDPP-Akron website: or find them on Facebook under ‘Dance Dance Party Party-Akron.’

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