Monday, April 9, 2012

Devilstrip Dolly's: Shameless Shopping for the Rest of Us

Devilstrip Dolly’s: the Anti-Gallery and Handmade Marketplace
by Joanna Wilson

Several times in the last couple of weeks, friends have grabbed me by the elbow, pulled me aside and asked “What’s up with Devilstrip Dolly’s?  Have you been there yet?"  Somehow everyone knows I’ve already been there.  Having opened just last month, Devilstrip Dolly’s is our new local resource for the wonderfully weird, the nightmarish and the deviantly delightful.

The friendly entrance to the Anti-Gallery
If you’re originally from Akron, you may already know that we call that portion of land in everyone’s front yard between the sidewalk and the street the devilstrip, a term that others call a tree lawn.  By naming the place Devilstrip Dolly’s, the owner has identified the store with a term unique to those of us in Akron.  There's nothing else quite like Devilstrip Dolly's anywhere else in Akron.

Inside, a treasure trove of the bizarre--all made by local artists

Including D'Kay's creepy doll critters--don't cha just WANT one!

The Devilstrip Dolly’s store, or “Anti-Gallery” as it’s been named, is owned and operated by Georgie D’Kay.  You may know Georgie as the artist of the unforgettable deviant dolls she sells at Oddmall, the twice annual indie craft show in Hudson, OH.  Check out her website:  She shared with me that she was inspired to open this store front to give weird local artists like herself, a place to show off their work.

Skull painting by artist Jack Larson

Inside Devilstrip Dolly’s, you’ll find items across a range of prices, all made by local artists including: Georgie’s horror dolls; sketches, paintings, prints and photographs by Steve Beltrondo, Rod Antilla, Sean P. Jones, Isby, Vince Packard and Elizabeth Isley; sculptures by Garry Kirsch and Russell Stephanchick; jewelry by Diane North, Jenelle O’Malley and Angela Szaraz; and yes, even hand-embroidered greeting cards by myself, Joanna Wilson.  But there is so much more coming in each day as more and more artists outside of the mainstream find Devilstrip Dolly’s.  I find new things there each time I visit.

The second room in the back, the Red Room, evokes a bit of "Twin Peaks" for those so inclined.

But Devilstrip Dolly’s is more than just a handmade market.  Georgie also has plans to use the space for performances and events.  The next big event, Weirdfest, is an all-day outdoor craft show with bands and food coming Saturday May 26.  Check out the link for Weirdfest.  Georgie D’Kay is also the force behind the new movement Keep Akron Weird an initiative to pull together like-minded individuals that want to support the Akron-area and it’s weird and wonderful culture that is often overlooked by the mainstream.  I’m proudly driving a car sporting a Keep Akron Weird bumper sticker--how about you?

You’ll find Devilstrip Dolly’s at 923 Bank Street, Akron, OH 44305.  It shares the same building with the vintage shop, The Bomb Shelter, and the motorcycle shop, Rubber City Vintage Cycle.  You’ll find it literally at the end of Buchtel Avenue when driving east,  away from the university.  Shop local, buy handmade, keep weird!
the facebook page: Devilstrip Dolly's on FB


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