Thursday, April 5, 2012

Local Author Kiki Howell

People in Your Neighborhood: Local Author Kiki Howell
by Joanna Wilson

Kiki Howell may appear to be the typical wife and mother living in a local Kent neighborhood.  But after her sons go to school every day, she focuses her energy at a keyboard.  Kiki is a very successful writer and published author.  In fact, she has over thirty one books published between eleven different small presses and publishers.

Just a few of Howell's many book covers.

Howell's first published pieces were paranormal erotic romances starting in 2007.  Howell's mastery with paranormal characters, such as witches, vampires and sorcerers, and her skilled use of intimate imagery has made her professional reputation.  Since then, she's gone on to write in other fiction genres as well, including erotic fiction, contemporary romance, mainstream adult fiction and even a children’s picture book.  With the explosion in popularity for the book series of Twilight and its movies, as well as the TV series Being Human among others, I think Kiki Howell is on to something big.

Howell is currently working to promote her latest book which is the first in a series of exciting titles.  The Vampire’s Witch is the first of the At War in the Willows series and was just released a few weeks ago.  The second title The Vampire's Wolf is due for release in July and The Vampire’s Human, the third in the series will be released in November.  A brief synopsis: The Willows is a resort town run by vampires, werewolves and witches. Here, their true identities are kept secret from humans, and intimate relations between the individual clans are strictly forbidden.

I asked Kiki about her new series and she replied, "I enjoyed the twists and turns in the At War in the Willows series, writing the action, but more this was a series for me that allowed me to deal with intolerance and prejudices which is something I just despise in the world. I’m all about compassion, live and let live, etc., and I think anyone reading this story will see that.   I love when these kind of messages slip into my fiction."

Book Trailer for Howell's upcoming release Hidden Salem

Kiki Howell and I have been friends for several year after we were first introduced to each other at a party by a mutual friend.  Among other things, she and I share a love for Christmas TV movies that make us cry.  What Howell most looks forward to is her upcoming release in October 2012, Hidden Salem by Knight Romance Publishing.  Since I’m friends with Kiki, I remember when she took her first trip to Salem, Massachusetts and came back with the inspiration for this book and excitedly told me all about it.  I can’t wait until October!

Due for release in October 2012
 For more information on Kiki Howell, check out her website, her author page on and her blog, Authors By Authors.

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  1. We're honored to have such an interesting person in our neighborhood! Thanks Kiki ;)