Monday, April 16, 2012

Midway Twin Drive-In Theater

Midway Twin Drive-In Theater
by Joanna Wilson

Some of my fondest memories from childhood are the excitement of getting in my pajamas, filling the backseat of the car with pillows and going to the drive-in theater.  I remember not being old enough to stay awake through the double feature but waking up when my parents laughed out loud at the action on the screen or being carried into the house after arriving back home.  I also remember my parents taking me to see a re-release of Disney’s Bambi at a drive-in theater but watching an R-rated film in the side mirror showing on the screen behind us!

We like to arrive early to select the perfect spot.

I still love going to the drive-in theater, even if I no longer wear my pajamas, fall asleep or watch the movie in the side mirror.  The drive-in is one of those cool retro places where it feels like a trip back in time--one of the last hold-outs of an experience from an earlier era.

You are charged per carload rather than per person for admission.

Last weekend, I went to see a horror film double feature at the Midway Twin Drive-In Theater.  We saw the new movies Cabin in the Woods and Silent House.  Something about seeing horror movies at the drive-in just seems right.  But I never have to worry too much about what's playing--seeing a movie on the giant screen of the drive-in makes just about any movie a good movie.

Located just beyond Kent Sate University along Rt. 59, this drive-in has two screens each showing a double feature.  Gone are the window speakers--instead you receive the sound through your car radio tuned to the theater’s own frequency.

The Midway Twin Drive-In charges admission by the carload instead of per person ($18 per car).  This makes going to the movies far more affordable for families and groups of friends. Take note: drive-ins make their money at the concession stand so if you bring in your own food, you’ll be required to pay for a $5 food permit.  But at the concession stand, they offer the quintessential drive-in snacks: pizza, burgers, french fries, nachos, popcorn, soft drinks, candy, ice cream and more.  Help keep the drive-in open and buy your food there.

As the sun goes down, the lights turn on.

Midway is currently showing movies each Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.  Click this link for Midway's website for movie times and directions to the theater.  This summer, they will be open on week nights as well.  Follow their Facebook page for updates on the movie schedule and screening times.  So throw the kids in the backseat and start creating memories of your own.

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