Thursday, April 19, 2012

Record Store Day at Square Records

Celebrate Record Store Day 2012 at Square Records
By Brit Charek

For a music enthusiast, it’s a little unnerving to discover that the average teenager has never purchased an entire album, nor do they ever plan to. In an age when you can purchase individual songs and listen to them instantly on your iPod, music stores need to find additional ways to draw customers in.

Thank heavens a handful of geniuses started Record Store Day-- a sort of holiday that was created five years ago by a group of independent record stores, which started as a way to draw attention to the fact that physical retail record stores are still here, but need the support of music buyers to keep going strong. Several special edition records were made available on this day which were only available for sale at participating record stores. This year, there are over 250 special record releases available only in stores. And just in case you haven’t physically purchased a record in a while: almost all records produced within the last few years include a digital download code!

“We've got a lot of cool free stuff to give away this year including posters, promo cds, stickers, gift certificates and a lot more,” says Square Records owner David Ignizio. There will be DJs playing records in the store all day, and local musicians Cloud Nothings and the Bizarros will play a show at Musica to top off the evening. “I’ve snuck some pretty cool rare used records out in the bins in years past and probably will again this year,” Ignizio continues, “Also we usually have donuts, which make people unreasonably happy.”

Square Records is tucked between the Highland Theater and Revival in Highland Square
Square Records opened in August of 2003. It’s pretty much strictly a record shop: they sell new and used cds and records, maybe a few books and miscellaneous merchandise and the art on the walls (by local artists, naturally). They started out generally focusing on indie rock and punk albums, but have since branched out to carry a lot of jazz, soul and classic rock as well. “I’d say our selection has gotten much weirder and more mainstream at the same time,” says Ignizio.

Show your local pride by sporting a t shirt-- it's one of the few items sold in the store besides music.
Among all the other limited releases going out on Record Store Day, Square Records will have a special release of their own: a cd called Novos Akros, a soundtrack to a mysterious movie venture from the 80s that was never finished but was to be filmed in Akron, supposedly. It will be co-released with Patternbased, and it will be the first ever release on the Square Records label.

Record Store Day will take place on Saturday, April 21 from 11 am until 9 pm at Square Records, located at 824 West Market Street in Highland Square. You can visit Square Record’s website to learn more or RSVP to the event on Facebook to see a list of all the special releases they will have stocked.

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