Monday, May 21, 2012

The Best Thrift Shop in Akron

Akron Empire would like to welcome guest blogger Dina from the fashion blog Dina's Days.  Dina is a a lifestyle blogger with a love for others' donated treasures. She follows the latest fashion, beauty, and home decorating trends and makes note of the way fashion tends to repeat itself in all aspects.  Please check out her awesome blog:

Akron Empire asked Dina, an expert in the field, to write about the best thrift shop in the Akron area and below is her response.  Where is your favorite place to find vintage items and gently used fashion items?  I can't wait to check this place out.  Thanks Dina!

Akron American Cancer Society Discovery Shop
Since they moved into their new location at Wallhaven in Westgate Plaza in Akron a few years ago, I always thought the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop was a little kid's gadget store. I guess the 'discovery' part threw me off.  One day, I was jogging around the building as part of our CrossFit Akron warmup (which is also located in the same plaza) and the display of beautiful spring clothes and colors in the window stopped me in my tracks. Despite the fact that my coach was waiting for me to return to class,  I went inside to check the store out - I just had to.

{store front display with spring corals and oranges } 

Following one visit to this secondhand store, it easily became one of my top two favorite places to bargain shop in the city. 

{I'm an idiot for not buying that coral dress!}

One of many Discovery shops nationwide, these stores house some of the most beautiful donated treasures ranging from gently used clothing to the most charming antiques. It's like someone visited all of the local thrift shops, garage sales, and antique stores, filtered through all of the junk, and handpicked the best items and took them to this gem of a store. 

{large collection of records and books}

The Akron Discovery Shop accepts gently donated items and work very hard to display them beautifully throughout the store. The store manager arranges the front display with the latest donated items using a color theme which instantly draws the customer in. (It worked for me!)   As you continue to walk through the store, it begins to feel more like an estate sale rather than a store. Everything is arranged in a way that makes it convenient  for the shopper to browse and make decisions.  Plus, they have a fitting room - something avid thrift shoppers like myself look for in secondhand shops.


If you're going to compare this to your favorite thrift shop, you will find that the prices are a little higher.  With that being said, the prices are still extremely cheap,  and keep in mind that the proceeds from the sales are used to support cancer research. Additionally, the staff consists of almost all volunteers with  a friendly demeanor who all seem to love what they do.

{dinning room tables displayed as they would at home} 

The pricing is system  is simple and easy to remember. Just glance over at the price list to memorize how much individual pieces cost. This list applies to all clothing with the exception of some of the brand name and designer items.

One of my favorite things about this store besides the vintage furniture and home decorating sections is the color sale system. Basically, everything in the store is priced based on the time it was donated and taken out to the floor. Every month as new items begin to arrive, the staff reduce the price of the item using a color system. Everything that was new in March is now discounted by 25%, February items by 50% and so on and so forth.

The store also has seasonal sales like the stuff your bag sale and more recently I shopped a $2 sale where I found these pants for an awesome deal.

{i need this in my apartment!}

{mens clothing too}

{I'm going back for this...if it's still there} 

{sheet music}

If you love a good deal and a great cause, visit the Akron American Cancer Discovery Shop, it truly is a "unique, quality resale experience!"

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  1. This place looks great! I'd love to check it out sometime with you. Crystal @EatDrinkClev

  2. I was expecting her to say the Village Thrift in Cuyahoga Falls--but Dina would know best! I have to check this place out!

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