Thursday, May 3, 2012

Free Comic Book Day at JC Comics & Cards

Cuyahoga Falls Comic Shop Gives Out Free Comic Books!
by Brit Charek

This weekend is a big deal for comic book fans everywhere-- The Avengers is being released in theaters and Free Comic Book Day is on Saturday. That's right. Local comic book shops all over the country give out comic books. For free.

Free Comic Book Day started in Concord, California where Flying Colors Comics owner Joe Field observed a large line of people in front of his store in expectation of "Free Scoop Night" at the local Baskin Robbins next door. The comic book community took Field's idea and ran with it, and JC Comics & Cards in Cuyahoga Falls has been on board since Day One, back in 2002.

JC Comics & Cards has been servicing the Akron community with comics for almost 22 years. This year, they will offer somewhere between 35 and 40 free titles this Saturday on a first-come-first-serve basis, including titles from Marvel, DC and other big name comic publishers. Ironically, one of the most anticipated features comes from a small independent publisher called Archaia Entertainment. It's a hardcover anthology featuring Mouse Guard, which might be the cutest graphic novel series the world has ever seen: imagine knights on a journey in the Middle Ages. Now picture them as mice:

Besides Mouse Guard, the anthology also features five other stories from different artists. It's also the first hardcover book that has ever been offered on FCBD. If you want one, you'd better get there early. This release is limited.

"There's more out there than there ever has been before when it comes to comics," says JC Comics & Cards owner John. The comic book scene used to be tied to the old Batman television show with Adam West, says John, and limited to "Bif! Bang! Pow!" But now, with the popularity of  The Walking Dead as a hugely successful television series (especially for being on a cable channel) as well as the most recent superhero movies like Spiderman and the latest Batman films directed by Christopher Nolan, there's no denying that comic books and graphic novels are being held to new standards, and being recognized for that. 

As someone who has written graduate level papers on graphic novels, I'd have to agree wholeheartedly that the market for comic books has expanded far past just pre-teen boys.
JC Comics offers a variety of individual issue comic books, some dating back half a century.
They also carry a huge selection of graphic novels, for those who prefer to get the whole story up front and not be bothered with the maintenance involved in buying single comic books.

JC Comics has quite a few special activities lined up for FCDB. First off, they're holding a big sale, so customers can go home with cheap comics, collectables and graphic novels in addition to the free ones they pick up. The folks from The Akron Comicon will be there, educating the public about other awesome upcoming comic book events. Oh, and Batman and the Joker will be present as well.

JC Comics & Cards is located at 2609 State Road in Cuyahoga Falls. They are open from 11-7 on Saturday for Free Comic Book Day, but you might want to show up early to get in line to get exactly what you want.

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