Friday, June 15, 2012

Hoop Group at Studio 2091 Mothersbaugh Roos

Hula Hooping every Thursday at Studio 2091
by Brit Charek

When I heard that there was a group of artist-types who gather every week in Cuyahoga Falls to hula hoop, I simply had to check it out. At the time, I had no intention of participating. I just wanted to see what it was all about. I was one of the first to arrive, and between that and my overanxious three year old it was hard for me to just sit in a corner, blend in and observe, as I had initially planned.

Hula hooping on the mall outside of Studio 2091
Once I got over feeling silly (I think it was safe to say that some of the participants were close to double my age), I discovered that hula hooping is actually really fun. The regulars were encouraging and happy to show me some new tricks. They had several different sizes and types of hoops there for people to use, and some hoopers brought their own. The one I found easiest to work with was weighted with water inside it.

"Hoop Group 2091," as they have named themselves on Facebook, meet every Thursday night at Studio 2091 Mothersbaugh Roos in downtown Cuyahoga Falls, around six o' clock. (I say "around," because most of the regulars operate on "artist time," and may not show up until several hours later.) 

Emily Speelman, the unofficial organizer of the group, said she had met several people in the local artist community who enjoyed hula hooping and and decided they needed a place to gather. "We started outside in January when the winter chill started breaking," says Emily, "Then we moved into the gallery when it got cold again then when it finally warmed up again we've moved it back outside to the mall where we do chalk drawings and hoop and anything that peaks our fancy."

Emily showing off her skills back when it was too cold to hoop outside.
Even if you're not sold on the hula hoop idea, Studio 2091 is still a fun place to hang out on Thursday nights. There are several artist studios there, two gallery spaces always exhibiting something interesting and a comfy sofa to sit and socialize on. My son exceptionally enjoyed coloring with what seems like every shade of Sharpie ever made at the doodle bar in the back of the studio.

Supplies provided for even little artists!
 The Hoop Group meets every Thursday sometime around 6 pm at Studio 2091 Mothersbaugh Roos in downtown Cuyahoga Falls. To learn more, you can contact them by joining their Facebook Group. You can also visit Studio 2091's website to see what else is going on at the gallery.

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