Monday, July 9, 2012

Plaza Cinemas at Chapel Hill--Cult Film Classics

Plaza Cinemas at Chapel Hill, 500 Howe Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Cult Movies Scheduled at Plaza Cinemas at Chapel Hill
by Joanna Wilson

Saturday nights just got a whole lot more interesting!  Plaza Cinemas at Chapel Hill are featuring a once-a-month line up of cult films as part of the Melt Bar & Grilled Late Shift Series.   Next on the schedule is the 1975 classic summer blockbuster Jaws--my favorite horror movie of all time!  I first saw this movie when I was too young.  It scared me so badly and made such a huge impression that to this day, I'm frightened of the water--including swimming at Munroe Falls lake.  If you're interested in knowing what other horror movies scarred me permanently, check out my guest post at Kindertrauma.

Jaws (1975) directed by Steven Spielberg

Remaining schedule of the Melt Bar & Grilled Late Shift Series at Plaza Cinemas:

Saturday, July 21: Jaws (9:30pm & 11:55pm)

Saturday, August 19: The Big Lebowski (9:30pm & 11:55pm)

Saturday, September 15: The Evil Dead (9:30pm & 11:55pm)

Saturday, October 20: Ghostbusters (9:30pm & 11:55pm)

Saturday, November 17: Donnie Darko (9:30pm & Mid)

Saturday, December 15: Home Alone (9:30pm & Mid)

You will be entering a world of pain--if you miss out on seeing The Big Lebowski in August.

I'm also the hugest Big Lebowski fan and I'm especially looking forward to seeing this again on the big screen. There's nothing quite like the experience of seeing this movie in a crowded theater full of other Lebowski fans.  Not only have I made the trek to Louisville, Kentucky to attend Lebowskifest (I attended in 2008) but I've had the pleasure of working alongside David Huddleston, the actor who portrayed Jeffrey Lebowski (not the Dude).

David Huddleston and myself--December 2011
Not only is this a stellar line-up of cult movies but the price can't be beat.  Tickets are only $5 each for this retro film series.

Who ya gonna call?

Did you know Plaza Cinemas at Chapel Hill also has midnight screenings of Rocky Horror Picture Show on Saturday nights--once a month?  Tickets are only $6 if you come in costume--$9 for everyone else.  

Tell Frank all about it--at the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Rocky Horror Picture Show is shown the third Saturday of each month--the same as the cult film screenings: July 21, August 19, September 15, October 20, November 17 and December 15th.

Will I see you there?

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The special screenings events schedule is on Facebook: Click HERE for the FB schedule.
The schedule is also at the Plaza Cinemas website.  Click HERE.

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