Monday, July 23, 2012

Retro Dog

Retro Dog in Cuyahoga Falls--you can't miss the spinning hot dog sign!

Eating in Style at Retro Dog
by Joanna Wilson

If you're from Akron, like I am, then you're probably used to drive-in restaurants, car hops and eating in your car.  I've been told by my out-of-state friends that drive-ins are much rarer than they are here.  I grew up eating at Skyway and spent my teen years parked at Swensons.  Of course, I still eat at these places too.  But when I heard there was a new drive-in restaurant in town, I wanted to check it out.

There's just something about eating food off a tray on your window that I love!

Retro Dog, located on the corner of Steels Corner Rd. and Wyoga Lake Rd. in Cuyahoga Falls, specializes in hot dogs and frozen custard.  But one quick look at their modern menu and you'll see this is no ordinary hot dog and ice cream stand.  They offer signature dogs with all kinds of amazing toppings as well as burgers, chicken and Italian Sausage dogs.  Proving just how modern this new place is--they also have veggie dogs, bean burgers, and Italian Veggie Sausage dogs.  Don't forget french fries and onion rings on the side.  And for dessert, they offer their frozen custard in sundaes, cones or cups, and milkshakes, floats and root beer.  You can even take home root beer in a growler.

In the above photo, you can see we ordered an Italian Veggie Sausage Dog with grilled peppers (left) and the signature Retro Veggie Dog with veggie coney sauce, yellow mustard and diced onions (right).  In the middle of the photo you can see a dessert item--that's a Retro Bomb: a strawberry shake layered on top of a hot fudge sundae with rainbow sprinkles.  I had promised to share the Retro Bomb but quickly turned into a liar!  This was a fantastic meal.

The cover of the menu features the funky Retro Dog Man logo

One of the things that first caught my attention about Retro Dog is the fabulous and modern look to the place and their logo.  Not only is the drive-in restaurant itself an impressive space with a retro 1950s spinning hot dog sign, but the Retro Dog Man logo for the restaurant is very eye-catching.  Each of the signature hot dogs has its own Hot Dog Man or Woman logo sporting a stylish outfit.  I just love the modern-retro feel of the whole place. The car hops even take your order on hand-held electronic devices.

Don't want to eat in your car?  Retro Dog also offers indoor dining for your family or group.

Retro Dog has been open little over a month since their Grand Opening and they are planning a movie night on Wednesday, August 8th.  Come watch a movie projected on a big screen under the stars and order yourself a Retro Bomb or a root beer float.  The next time I visit, I'm going to try the bean burger and a sundae they offer that I've never seen anywhere else: it's frozen custard with marshmallow sauce and Rice Krispies!  It's essentially a Rice Krispie Treat sundae!  Try something new and check it out.

Look for the tall rotating hot dog sign--you can't miss it!
Retro Dog is at 350 E. Steels Corners Rd. in Cuyahoga Falls. Open everyday from 11am to 11pm.
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  1. This is how I'm going to blow my diet this weekend. And I'm not even sad about it. Thanks, Joanna!

  2. Hahaha. I dreamed about the Retro Bomb last night--that's no joke!