Thursday, August 30, 2012

Competition for the Akron Art Prize Kicks Off at the Akron Art Walk This Saturday

Akron Art Prize
By Brit Charek

There are over 135 artists who entered the competition for the Akron Art Prize and are showing their work at galleries all over Akron throughout the next month, and you personally can help determine who deserves to win a piece of the $10,000 in prize money.

Summit Art Space is located on the corner of Summit and E. Market downtown

In a way, it's like the American Idol of the Akron art world. The public, who may or may not be educated in the Fine Arts, gets out their cell phone and texts in their vote for their favorite piece and whichever artist gets the most votes texted in wins. Unlike AI, however, you receive a limited amount of votes to cast, and you actually have to get off your sofa and go see some art.

Participating galleries include Summit ArtspaceWe Gallery and an outdoor space at the Akron Art Museum downtown, or you can head over to Millworks Gallery and Red Light Gallery on the Northside.

Red Light Gallery

Never been to the Akron Art Walk? This might be the perfect opportunity to check it out! The next one, which is the launch of the Akron Art Prize, takes this Saturday, September 1 and takes place the first Saturday of every month.

Visit the Downtown Akron Partnership's website to learn more about the event and how to register your phone to cast your ten votes. You can vote anytime between September 1 and October 6, and anyone over 16 can enter.

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