Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Flury's Café

You can't miss the sign for Flury's, located on Sackett between 12th and 14th streets in Cuyahoga Falls.

Flury's Café: My Favorite Place to Eat
by Joanna Wilson

Flury's Cafe in Cuyahoga Falls is one of those places that is simultaneously famous (it's been featured in the 2008 edition of Roadfood, a guide to America's best diners), but also kind of a secret. It's not out on a major street, but tucked away in the neighborhoods.  It's a small place--even with a recent expansion it only serves about 30 people at capacity.  No matter how you arrive there or how you found out about Flury's, it always seems like the kind of special place you can only learn about through word of mouth.

The entrance to Flury's--did I mention it's small?

I first heard about Flury's from the owner Kim herself.  Several years ago, Kim invited me to visit Flury's when I saw her at our high school reunion (through the magic of the alphabet, Kim and I shared a home room for six years of junior high and high school).  After my first visit to Flury's, I quickly picked up on its charms.  It's small, Kim makes amazing food, it's friendly (everybody seems to know everybody else), and the service is the best in town. 

This is the potato-encrusted cod sandwich with coffee (I frequently order this meal).

Since its hours are from 7am-3pm, it makes sense that Flury's specializes in breakfast and lunch foods.  I typically order the cod fish sandwich or the tuna melt.  If I want breakfast, I typically order the special pancakes of the day--and hope it's Red Velvet Pancakes Day!  Kim also does an amazing crepe dish.

My boyfriend typically orders the veggie omelette, hash browns and wheat toast.
If you sit in the front room (there are only two booths and several seats at the counter), you get to watch Kim work as she prepares each of the meals.  You'll also see that she uses fresh herbs that she grows just outside the building!  The cozy size of Flury's ends up creating an amazingly friendly atmosphere and everyone seems to greet everyone else as guests arrive and exit at the front door.  I love that Flury's is a popular place with twenty-something hipsters as well as retirees and neighborhood regulars.  Flury's is the best known secret in town.

Flury's Café website
1300 Sackett Ave in Cuyahoga Falls
Open: Mondays-Saturdays 7am-3pm
Flury's Facebook page


  1. Man, we tried to eat there one day. We got a seat, placed our order, and waited, and waited, and waited for like an HOUR. We finally asked our waitress what was going on with our food. And we waited, and waited, she finally came back and gave us some excuse about how she doesn't cook the orders in the order their received, but cooks like items together blah blah she hadn't even started ours and we had been there an hour and 20 minutes! The waitress didn't even apologize or say how much longer it would be. Needless to say we left. And we haven't been back. Sucks too, cause I hear that place has good food :(

    1. Sorry to hear about your experience at Flury's last week. I hope to see you again, that unfortunately happens because our grill is small and if the restaurant fills up all at once a table may wait longer than they should. Please call or stop in Tues thru Sat and ask for Kim and I would love to buy your next meal. Have a great day:)