Friday, August 24, 2012

Mr. Zub's Deli at the Matinee in Highland Square

Mr. Zub's Deli
by Brit Charek

The decor at Mr. Zub's in Highland Square is nothing too special. The bright yellow walls and the photos of sandwiches are a nice touch, but it's food that keep customers coming back. The sandwiches are generously portioned, reasonably priced and absolutely delicious.

On top of that, the staff is always friendly, helpful and unpretentious. Since the building is connected to the Matinee, customers can eat inside the sandwich shop or have their order delivered over to the bar right next door.

Not only are the sandwiches delicious, but they're fun to order. Why? They're all named for a character from a TV show or a movie, mostly cult classics. The menus themselves are quirky and well-designed. 

A few examples of menu items: the Uncle Rico has roast beef and tots, the Borat is falafel on pita,the Rocky Balboa is a classic philly sandwich, the Clarice Starling is a gyro (Get it? Silence of the Lambs), and my personal favorite, the Rosemary (named for Rosemary's Baby), is tofu, onion and sprouts with cream cheese on a bagel-- It's especially delicious if you sub hummus for cream cheese. It's a great option for vegans.

The logo is a stick of butter-- They don't sacrifice flavor to accommodate the health conscious at Mr. Zub's! (Though they do have some delicious veggie and vegan-friendly items)
Mr. Zub's is open for lunch and dinner to eat in or take out, and they conveniently stay open a half hour past when the bars in Highland Square close. And as an added bonus it is owned and operated by Highland Square residents, so you can feel good about investing your money back into the Akron Empire.

The Large Marge (i.e. Tuna Melt, named from Pee Wee's Big Adventure)

Mr. Zub's Deli is located on West Market Street in Highland Square right next to the Matinee. To learn more and check out their menu or purchase a t-shirt with the Zub's logo on it, visit their website by clicking here.

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