Thursday, August 2, 2012

Square Records Celebrates Their Nine Year Anniversary at Musica August 10

Square Records Celebrates Their Nine Year Anniversary
By Brit Charek

It’s hard to believe that Square Records has been open for nine years already.

Then again, it’s hard to imagine the Highland Square neighborhood without instantly thinking of Square Records. The store has established itself as a staple of the community, just like the movie theater, the giant metal frog in front of the library, and those crazy window displays at the shoe repair shop.

Square Records 9th Anniversary Party will be Friday, August 10 at Musica

In this day and age I can’t imagine a record store being the safest bet for a business startup. Just to play devil’s advocate, I asked owner David Ignizio why people should go to a record store when it’s so cheap and easy to purchase music online. His answer was quite convincing:

“Things can happen when you go out of your house and head to the record store. It has become a real hub for a lot of musicians and people interested in music to bump into each other or meet for the first time. I've introduced a lot of people to each other in the shop who went on to form bands or just be good buds. For some people, I suppose it's satisfying to sit and home and download entire discographies of bands in minutes, but you never know what you'll find in the used bin of a record shop.”

So head over to Square Records and see what you can find and who you might run into. Also, they’ll be celebrating their Ninth Anniversary with a show on Friday, August 10th at 10pm at Musica, featuring Wesley Bright & the Hi-Lites, David Bay Leaf and Comfort Clouds. Advance tickets are just $4.99. Click here to see the Facebook event for more details.

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