Saturday, September 8, 2012

None Too Fragile Theater

None Too Fragile Offers Indie Theater in Merriman Valley
by Brit Charek

There's nothing quite like seeing a live theater production. Now imagine seeing live theater in a room with just eighty people in it and being just a few feet away from where the actors are performing.

That's what None Too Fragile is trying to accomplish with their new space in Merriman Valley, opening September 28.

Jaysen Mercer, Managing Director at None Too Fragile, describes the types of plays they will be producing as "professional indie theater."

"Most people are with the concept of indie movies versus Hollywood movies," Mercer explains, "Both have their place, and both produce entertaining products, but one is usually substantially different from the other." 

None Too Fragile is located in the same space as Pub Bricco on Merriman Rd. in the valley 
"Our intention is to make the entire experience something to remember," continues Mercer, "Which is why you enter through an Irish Pub rather than our own front door. We want our patrons to feel like they are part of something underground, something unique."

Tickets are $20, but None Too Fragile offers a Pay-Whatever-You-Can policy to provide opportunities for those who might not normally be able to afford tickets to live theater.

On an average day, the first show in the new theater location, opens September 28

On an average day, by John Kolvenbach starring Sean Derry and Mark Mayo is the first show None Too Fragile is producing in their new location. When the play was first produced at the West End in London in 2002 it starred Woody Harrelson and Kyle MacLaughlin. Opening Night is September 28 and it runs through October 18. Tickets are available now through the theater's website at

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