Monday, September 10, 2012

Root Candles in Medina, Ohio

The entrance to the flagship store in Medina.  Photo courtesy of

My First Trip to Root Candles
by Joanna Wilson

Some of the best things we learn about can often come from word of mouth recommendations from friends.  I was recently talking with a friend and she mentioned needing to head over to Medina to buy more candles. I confessed my ignorance for "high quality Medina candles" and I think she thought I was kidding (but I wasn't!)  My friend began to explain the long history of the A.I. Root Company--and now I'm not so sure how I could have lived in Akron for so long without knowing about this incredible resource so close to home.  This past weekend, my lesson was made complete when my friend actually took me shopping at the Root Candle Store and the Factory Outlet around the back.  So for anyone else who doesn't yet know:  the highest quality candles are made right in our own backyard at Root Candles, in Medina.

My friend drove us right into the quaint center of Medina and the store was easy to find with signs all over the downtown area directing us to the popular attraction.  I quickly learned that there is a very long history to this local company.  Founded in 1869 in Medina, A.I. Root Company was first established by a beekeeper to address the needs of the bee culture of the time.  The company spread to making honey and in 1928 began manufacturing beeswax candles.  Though their name has been updated to Root Candles, it is a fifth generation, family run company still located in Medina.  I just love that legacy!  Since I'm someone who values shopping and buying locally made items, that's important to me.  Click this link for more on the history of Root Candles.

Over 140 years in business right here in Medina.  Photo courtesy of

What's even more impressive are the candles themselves!  Though I intended to just accompany my friend for the afternoon on her shopping trip, I ended up caught up in the aroma of the Factory Outlet store filled with scented candles.  This time of year, the store is well stocked with autumn scents and even the upcoming Christmas/winter aromas as well.  There were so many attractive fragrances that I decided to buy a variety of votive candles.  The candles are sold by style, color and by size--but I found the information about length of burn times most helpful.  Of course, shopping at the Factory Outlet means these candles are factory seconds but they can be had with a steep discount.  I came home home with these new fragrances: Pumpkin Spice, Crisp Linen, Ginger Patchouli--and the wintry scents: Bayberry, Sparkling Cranberry, Cherry Chocolates, Juniper Wreath and Spiced Gumdrop.  Check out this link to more of their scented candles.

I purchased a variety of these 20 hour, small votive candles--I think Crisp Linen is my favorite fragrance.  Photo courtesy of

I might be the last person in Akron to learn about Root Candles.  But I couldn't help thinking what a great place this would be to take friends and family from out of town, the next time we're looking for an afternoon's worth of activities.  After leaving the Factory Outlet store, we walked around to the flagship retail store where they sell the highest quality candles including all the sizes, styles and colors they make, as well as unscented ones.  In addition to candles, they also see home decor items, kitchen and gourmet food items and even toys and things for children.  This is certainly a place to keep a group of women busy for an afternoon.  I want to thank for my friend for not laughing at me when I told I didn't know about candles from Medina. 

Where do you shop for locally made items?  Have you been to Root Candles before?  Check them out:
623 West Liberty Street
Medina, Ohio 44256



  1. Root Candles is one of my favorite places to go with my mom. And you can't beat the prices at the factory outlet store. I don't care if the candles don't look pretty - they still smell fantastic! Glad you discovered Medina's treasure.

  2. (Joanna commenting) Thanks! I can't believe I hadn't been there before? I love that there are still interesting places to discover in Northeast Ohio.

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