Thursday, September 20, 2012

Saffron Patch in the Valley

Saffron Patch Serves Up Epic Food in the Valley
By Mathias Noble King 

Tucked away in the valley amongst miscellaneous pubs is quite possible the most phenomenal Indian restaurant in all of Northeast Ohio, Saffron Patch

It was kind of a random visit-- I’ve never heard of this place, but Akron Public Library was on the itinerary and Indian food sounded like a pretty great detour.

 if you see this sign, enter, delicious food will be served!

The place is clean, quiet, and the staff was friendly.  The décor is rather modest but there's a full bar including some Indian beers (I'd recommend the Taj Mahal) They have a wide range of appetizers including a variety of samosas and pakodas.

What a nice nook to eat in.

With a generous tandoori list and so many other dinner sized portions this menu indulges any craving you might have. 

I went for the mutter paneer and there's no denying that it was the best paneer dish I’ve ever had. 

It wasn’t just good-- it had a very deep complex taste: a mixture of spices and sauce and it was paired with quality jasmine rice. The only problem I had was selecting naan, only because they all sounded delicious, but I finally picked out the buttered and garlic naan (who doesn’t love garlic?!)

mmm paneer

Anytime I am in the Akron area and dinner comes down to a vote, you know what I’m suggesting!

Saffron Patch is located at 1244 Weathervane Lane in the valley, right by the Weathervane Theater. To get more information, visit their website by clicking here.

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