Thursday, October 11, 2012

Akron Cats Unite!

Abigail from One of A Kind Pets

Akron Cats Unite!
by Joanna Wilson

I recently became aware of a new Tumblr blog my friend Roza Haidet has started in order to share her passion for adopting homeless cats and for responsible pet ownership.  She also intends for the blog to support and encourage the nonprofit organization One of a Kind Pets where she originally adopted her cat Abigail a few years ago and where she still visits to write the pet profiles for the blog.  I think this is a great idea too so I thought I'd share her blog here for Akron Empire readers.

One of a Kind Pets is located at 1929 W. Market Street in Akron.  You can call: 330.865.6200

On the blog, you'll see profiles of cats that are available for adoption including photos and sometimes video.   Roza also includes informational posts about the adoption process and costs at One of a Kind Pets, a facility that also offers dogs for adoption, if you're interested.

Roza says, "I hope to get the message out to the local community that there are a lot of cats that need homes and that they should also care for the ones they have now. The most important thing is spaying and neutering them. This is the only way to control the cat population and to avoid unnecessary euthanizing."

"I realize that not everyone is a cat lover like me (although I feel like there is a cat out there for everyone), so I don't expect them to care as much as I do. I just feel that every animal deserves to be treated in a humane way and unfortunately some people don't realize what that means."

This is Chubbs--just one of the many cats available for adoption.

I agree with Roza that this is a worthwhile project and I hope you will join me in supporting her efforts to raise awareness about adoptable pets.  Roza began the blog as a class project while attending the University of Akron, and she hopes to continue updating the blog after the end of the semester if she gets a good response.  So please share this post or Roza's blog link and show her you believe that this a worthwhile effort as well.  Thanks.


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