Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pub Bricco

Pub Bricco in Merriman Valley
by Brit Charek

All photos courtesy of Bricco's website.
I've always been partial to Bricco downtown Akron as well as their sister restaurant in Playhouse Square downtown Cleveland, but I must say that the Pub in the Valley might be my new favorite of the Bricco family of restaurants. The decor is laid back and comfortable and the staff is knowledgeable,  friendly and often patient when I can't make up my mind.

Even though the menu is limited to pub fare that doesn't mean you'll ever go away hungry. They offer hearty sandwiches and great snacks. (I'm addicted to the house chips!) You can mix and match your protein on any of the selection of gourmet salads or sandwiches-- choose from a traditional burger, go savory by choosing the crab cake, or go a little lighter with chicken, salmon, or a veggie burger.

One of my favorite things to order is the salmon. As an entree, on a salad, or on a sandwich it's always cooked perfectly. Another great feature is their rotating draft beer selection which includes both local and exotic craft beers, reasonably priced compared to competitors.

On Wednesday nights you can enjoy live jazz in the attached space that is occupied on the weekends by None Too Fragile Theater. Check out our post on None Too Fragile by clicking here.

Whether you're looking to catch a meal or just a drink and a snack, Pub Bricco will hit the spot with their versatile menu and knowledgeable staff. You can check out Pub Bricco, or any of the three other restaurants they have in the Northeast Ohio area, by visiting their website. They are located at 1841 Merriman Rd. in the Valley.

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