Thursday, November 15, 2012

2012 Akron Comicon: Review

2012 Akron Comicon: Review
by Joanna Wilson
Photos courtesy of Erick, special correspondent from Wonderful Wonderblog

Akron Comicon was last weekend, Saturday Nov. 10th.  Since then, I've seen a very long list of bloggers complimenting the first-ever Akron Comicon, co-founded by Michael Savene and Robert Jenkins.  From the sound of it, this is headed to be an exciting annual tradition you won't want to miss.

Welcome to Akron Comicon 2012!

I asked Erick from another blog Wonderful Wonderblog to be Akron Empire's special correspondent at this first-time event.  He knows more about comics and conventions than anyone else I know, so I trust his judgement about this event.  He agrees with what I'm hearing:  THIS was a well-organized, well-attended, fantastic event.  Erick can't wait for next year's Akron Comicon, already scheduled for Sat. Nov. 9th, 2013.  Here's a collection of photos from last weekend's event:


Joe Staton

Gerry Conway

Norm Breyfogle

Tom Batiuk

Mike W. Barr

Chris Yambar
Bob Ingersoll

Cosplay attendees:

Judging the costume contest


Winners of the Akron Public Schools Comic Book Cover Contest

HeroClix Tournament

Additional fun:

Local Star Trek group: USS LaGrange.

Fans shopping for comic books

Fans could also look at and purchase toys and cards.

JC Comics & Cards--sponsors of the HeroClix Tournament

John from Kenmore Komics and Games--sponsors of the comic book cover contest

Thanks Erick and PSY!

If you'd like to read more reviews, please check out the Akron Comicon Facebook page (click HERE for the link) because they are re-posting them.  Will you be joining me next year at the next Akron Comicon?


  1. I had a blast at the show! Thanks for letting me be your special correspondent.