Thursday, December 6, 2012

Archie the Snowman is back!

Archie the Snowman at Chapel Hill Mall in the 1980s.  Photo used with permission from Bring Back Archie the Snowman Fan Page on facebook.
Archie the Snowman is back!
by Joanna Wilson
Thanks to a grass roots movement organized through Facebook, Archie the Snowman has returned as one of Akron's favorite local Christmas traditions.  If you grew up in the 1970s, '80s, or '90s in Akron, then you probably remember the giant-sized snowman at Chapel Hill Mall.  Instead of sitting on a department store Santa's lap, children took their place in line for the opportunity to step up to the platform and share with Archie their Christmas wish lists. Archie not only would talk back but his eyes would flash!

I certainly remember Archie from Chapel Hill Mall.  For several years in a row in the 1970s, I stood in line with my big sister to talk to Archie--but I always panicked before I got my chance to step up on the platform.   Maybe this is finally my year?

The new Archie currently at Lock 3.  Photo used with permission.

Though Archie was retired in 2004 when the mall was sold to another owner, this year you can see Archie again down at Lock 3.  Cleaned up and rebuilt, Archie is currently a part of the activities in downtown Akron at Lock 3 which also include ice skating, riding the children's train, sledding, and checking out the holiday vendors in the cottages.  Click HERE for the Lock 3 website for more details and times for those events.

The next generation gets the opportunity to greet Archie the Snowman.  Photo used with permission.

You can see Archie the Snowman the rest of this month on Fridays 6pm-8pm, Saturdays noon-8pm, and Sundays noon-6pm.  After Christmas, the Archie Encounter will be open December 26-31, noon-8pm.  I wouldn't be surprised if there end up being just as many adults in line to talk to Archie as there are children!

For more details and information about how Archie was brought back, check out the Bring Back Archie the Snowman Facebook fan page, run by Tommy Uplinger.  

Did you visit Archie when you were a child?  Share your stories. 


  1. Wonderful article.I didn't want to leave anyone out.The page is also ran with the help of my partner in crime David Burkett.It has been a wild ride.We even got the builder of the Archie we all remember to build the new one.To top it all off chapel Hill sponsored it lol...Awesome in so many ways.David Lieberth however really stepped forward and gave us the home and employees as well as lots of publicity.But the biggest thanks go's to the fans.Without them there would have been no fight...

  2. The builders name was Ra'ul Umana....If you have a chance get to know him.He is very informative to everything...Action Jackson.

  3. Thanks! Can't wait to see Archie again this year.

  4. do you know who the little girl is in the photo with the long blonde hair and red sweater? And if NOT what was the year that picture was taken. Please post a yes/no and/or date of photo. I'll explain later LOL