Friday, December 28, 2012

The Year in Review--Part 2

2012: The Year in Review: Part 2
by Joanna Wilson

Here at the end of the calendar year, we are looking back over the most popular Akron Empire blog posts.  Brit posted her most popular posts earlier this week.  Click HERE to see that list again.  Now it's my turn to share and reflect on my most popular posts from 2012.  I've had so much fun meeting new people, discovering new places, and sharing some of my favorite locations to shop, eat, and hang out.  Thank you for following along on my journey and making these posts possible.  How many of these posts do you remember?

These are my top five most popular blog posts of 2012.  Click the title for the link to each post:

5.  Roger Hoover and the Hurt
A CD review for Lay My Rituals Down, the up-and-coming local band's latest release.  You can catch the band on Saturday, Jan. 12th at the Beachland Tavern

4.  Retro Dog
Share What's Good.  Have you tried a Retro Bomb shake yet?

3.  Wesley Bright and the Hi-Lites
This hot local band is playing on New Year's Eve at Mahall's 20 Lanes

2.  Cult Film series at Plaza Cinemas at Chapel Hill
The theater is closing down next week so I'm very sorry to see that there won't be a 2013 cult film series.

1.  The Reverend Howard Finster exhibit at the Akron Art Museum
Although the Finster exhibit has since moved on, the Akron Art Museum currently features haunting images by artist Robert Stivers.

One of downtown's best features: the Akron Art Museum.

An important part of Akron Empire is the community building and the contributions from our guest bloggers.  Check out these popular posts written by our readers:

5.  The Rail written by Stacey Lim
This restaurant review was inspired by Stacey's appreciation for The Rail's use of Ohio's food sources.

4.  Good Life Tattoos and Piercings written by Laura Maidens
Not only is this a nice introduction to the local shop but it also serves as an excellent primer to getting your first tattoo or piercing.

3.  Best Thrift Shop in Akron written by Dina from Dina's Days
As a fashion blogger, Dina knows thrift shops better than anyone.  Have you checked out the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop at Wallhaven yet?

2.  Dolly Rocker Ragdoll by Dominic Caruso
Inspired by a performance at Weirdfest in May, Caruso shares his experience of seeing this hot local musician.

1.  Yarn Bomb at Highland Square Library by Mary Oliver Bethel and Catherine Pyle-Raffle
Stitch n' Bitch, a local knitting group, explains their motivations for their street art this past summer at the Highland Square branch library.

Do you remember seeing this mustachioed frog sculpture this summer?

If you're interested in becoming a guest blogger for Akron Empire or have an idea of what we should write about next, email us at AkronEmpire [at] gmail dot com

Happy New Year! --and thanks for being a loyal reader.  Brit and I are looking forward to another successful and fun year with Akron Empire.

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