Monday, December 3, 2012

Thirteenth Floor Gallery Opening in Canton

Thirteenth Floor Gallery
by Brit Charek

On Thursday, December 6th during the Light Up Downtown festivities, Thirteenth Floor Gallery and Bizaare Boutique will officially open the doors to their new location in the Canton Arts District. (RSVP to the event on Facebook by clicking here!) Though the Grand Opening is on Thursday, the celebration will spill into Canton's famous First Friday the following day.
Thirteenth Floor is an art gallery focusing on the focusing on the bizarre and macabre. The one man operation run by Billy Ludwig hosts various themed and featured artist events with live music and performance artists. Ludwig is an artist (as well as a musician) in his own right, producing work under the name Impale Design
Thirteenth Floor originally opened July of 2010 when Billy Ludwig converted his band's rehearsal space in Massillon into an art gallery.

The work of Thirteenth Floor owner and operator, Billy Ludwig (Impale Design)

After going through several different ideas for the gallery name, 'Thirteenth Floor' seemed to make the most sense as Ludwig wanted everything in the gallery to be original, unique and one of a kind. 
"As you rarely will see a 13th floor in a building, you will rarely find what the gallery has anywhere else," he explains. 
The name "Thirteenth Floor" was also the title of a song written by Ludwig's band, Ludwyg. The song was lost along with a nearly completed full album when Ludwig's hard drive crashed. Hopefully the gallery doesn't follow suit.
Erin Mulligan will be resident artist at the new location. Though Mulligan's work resembles the surreal slightly uncomfortable feeling often provided by Ludwig's own work, it is unique. Though her work is modern, she was trained in the age old oil paint technique of glazing. Her mission is to capture life as a whole: the beautiful and the grotesque. To learn more about Erin and see her work, check out her website:

'Poetry of Deception,' by Erin Mulligan
For those Massillon-ites nervous about Thirteenth Floor picking up and leaving town, don't fret. 
"Just because Thirteenth Floor doesn't have a physical address in town doesn't mean we won't have a presence," Ludwig assures his loyal fans. It also doesn't mean he'll stop throwing fabulous events like last summer's circus-themed 'Eerie Street Sideshow.'
Thirteenth Floor Gallery will be located at 310 4th St. NW in Canton. For more information, check out their website or like them on Facebook.


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