Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Navigational Tools for the Akron Empire blog

Introduction to Akron Empire's New Navigational Tools
by Joanna Wilson

Thanks for being patient for this latest Akron Empire post.  I've spent the last several days updating the blog and adding buttons to help make it more user friendly.  You may recognize some changes to the right-hand side -------------> of the blog.

Our previous posts are divided into 7 categories.  DESTINATIONS includes local museums, landmarks, places to go, and locations to do something.

I've added seven buttons that connect to our archives (old blog posts) divided into seven categories.  Looking to see what local bands we've written about in the past?  Click on the MUSIC button to see an alphabetized list with links.  Looking to see what restaurants Akron Empire has already visited?  Click on the FOOD button for an alphabetized list with links.  You get the idea.

Our archives can also be searched by their location.

I've also created five buttons that connect to the same archives organized by location.  This attempts to make the blog's archives easy to search by region within the Akron Empire.  Do you live in Cuyahoga Falls and want to discover somewhere new close to home?  Click on the NORTH button to see an alphabetized list of past posts with links.  Want to take out-of-town guests somewhere interesting downtown?  Click on the DOWNTOWN button to see an alphabetized list of places there. We'll continue to add to these alphabetized lists as we create new blog posts to help you search through the blog. 

Are you interested in joining the Akron Empire team by guest blogging--sharing your favorite place, event, band, group or organization?  Now it is easier to see where and who we've already covered.  If you have an idea about guest blogging, email us at AkronEmpire [at] gmail dot com.  We are looking forward to a very exciting 2013. 

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