Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lagerhead's Smokehouse and Brewery in Abbeyville

Lagerhead's Smokehouse and Brewery
by Brit Charek

I'm on a mission to slowly work my way through every Microbrewery in Northeast Ohio (Check out my review of Thirsty Dog Brewing Co. in Akron), and low and behold one of my new favorites has been right under my nose this whole time! Lagerhead's Smokehouse and Brewery is located in Abbeyville, Ohio-- a small rural township situated between Medina and Brunswick, which happens to be in very close proximity to the small rural township I grew up in.

I first discovered Lagerhead's beer at the grocery store. When I saw that it was brewed and bottled in Medina I couldn't believe I hadn't heard of it and I just had to check it out.

Lagerhead's has the type of decor you'd expect from a country bar in a historic building that specializes in barbecue, only a bit modernized and much cleaner. There's antlers and animal heads on the wall, redneck jokes posted in the bathroom and country music coming from the speakers. The restaurant is divided into two sides. There's the bar to the right, and to the left there's a more family-oriented restaurant with diner-style booths. Overall, it's a fun and charming atmosphere.  

They had six beers brewed in house on tap, along with the standard Bud and Miller Light
The bartender was awesome. She was knowledgeable about the beers and pretty much embodied country hospitality, complete with a sweet Southern twang in her voice. Since it was late and kind of slow and we were asking a lot of questions about the beer, she referred us to Scott who was running the back of the house to give us a mini-tour of where the magic happens.

After a quick rundown of the fermentation process, we learned a little more about the history of the establishment. They opened up as a restaurant in 2004, and have done nothing but expand since then. They started their microbrewery in 2010. Not only is all the beer made in house, but even the artwork for the labels is done by a spouse of one of the servers.

My only complaint is that the menu isn't all that vegetarian-friendly, but why should it be? It's a Smokehouse! Either way, I still plan to go back for nachos, which can be ordered sans pulled pork and are topped with their award-winning barbecue sauce! And of course it's worth the trip just to try their beer. 

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Lagerhead's Smokehouse 
2832 Abbeyville Rd.
Medina, OH 44256

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