Thursday, March 14, 2013

Givits Thrift and Recycle

Givits Thrift and Recycle Center
by Joanna Wilson

Givits Thrift and Recycle in Hudson is creating a different sort of space for antique, vintage, and used items.  This is certainly not your typical thrift or consignment store.  Givits is working more towards building a community--one where people can buy old and used items, drop off unwanted or unneeded items--or maybe learn how to turn what you already have into something more useful or better.

There's also this expansive outbuilding behind the house filled with antiques, furniture, and parts.

When you go there, you will find a house full of rooms, each stuffed with items.  It's like an indoor garage sale and a treasure hunt at the same time.  But furniture, appliances, outdoor & lawn items, and more can be found in the garage, the back area, the barn, the front yard, and all around.

Yes, one of my first must-see locations is always the books, records, CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, paintings, and cameras.
Want some fresh eggs?  They can sell you some of those, or a chicken coop to raise your own chickens--or even the supplies to build your own chicken coop.  That attitude is part of what makes Givits more of a community.  They strive to be a place where you can figure out how to find, build, grow, and create what you need.  Want to learn how to start an herb garden? I'm told that this spring they'll help you with that--as they are starting one of their own behind the house as well.

At Givits, you can find things the other thrift stores don't carry, such as parts, pieces, and broken items--the perfect resource for people looking to fix, repair, or improve what they already own.  It's also a tremendous resource for creative and artistic people looking to make something new or non-traditional.  I wouldn't exactly consider myself artistic but I first stopped at Givits looking for a non-traditional bookshelf and came away very happy with a metal grocery store display shelf that is a conversation-starter in my living room!

This eye-catching, aluminum sculpture Rooster doesn't belong in a landfill--I'm thinking a front yard in West Akron!

A vintage bicycle that belongs on the Towpath this spring.

As the weather gets warmer, they are also looking to have musicians come in and entertain.  Givits is hoping to create more of a social atmosphere for people to connect and help each other find what they want to pass on to people that have a need.  Givits has only been open for about a year but I look forward to seeing their growth and everyone embracing their community spirit.

Givits Thrift and Recycle is located at 5153 Darrow Rd. in Hudson
Facebook page link: Givits Thrift and Recycle
hours: Tues-Saturday 10am-5pm (summer hours will likely expand)
phone number: (330) 342-9000


  1. I was just here the other day!! Great store and Tamra is a sweetheart!

  2. Ever since you mentioned this on Facebook I arranged for a date with a friend to check it out. We're going tomorrow. You know this is totally my kind of place. I'm getting excited just looking at these pictures, I love chaos!