Friday, May 24, 2013

Chris Rutan of Rigmarole

Chris behind her table at Crafty Mart in 2012.

People in Your Neighborhood: Chris Rutan of Rigmarole
by Joanna Wilson

As we gear up for Crafty Mart on Saturday June 1st, I'd like to share one of my favorite artist vendors: Chris Rutan of Rigmarole. I first met Chris at a Crafty Mart event several years ago although my boyfriend was friends with her husband long before that.  You may have seen Chris' charming vinyl wallets in local retail stores around town.

Love this moustache card wallet.

Rigmarole also offers these complex folded paper origami star ornaments.

Rigmarole's vinyl wallets are designed and handmade by Chris (she does everything but design the papers).  Chris also folds all the origami stars herself as well as construct the packaging.  As if that's not enough, Chris also makes adorable hairpins and matching necklaces.

Chris says she plans to debut new necklaces at the June 1st Crafty Mart--necklaces not even available in her Etsy store yet!

And, Rigmarole's delightful matching hairpins.

With two young daughters and a husband, where does Chris get all the energy to do all this wonderful and detailed work?  Chris tells me "I love the process [of making things]…coming up with the ideas, fine tuning, designing the packaging, etc. My husband is a graphic designer, he does our packaging and branding. It’s always fun working with him."  She also mentioned something about a coffee addiction--which explains alot!

Chris is also a portrait and wedding photographer--above, she's snapping my photo at the Lockview.

Another source of inspiration, I know Chris keeps track of her global Etsy on-line store sales by placing pins in a world map.  When she reaches a new country or a new goal, she'll proudly make an announcement on her Rigmarole facebook page.  She's already made a sale in six of the seven continents--so if you know someone in Antarctica, help Chris out with the contact!

Again, Chris and her Rigmarole goods will be at Crafty Mart on Saturday, June 1st from 10am-5pm at Musica in downtown Akron.  Click HERE for the CraftyMart website.  There will be dozens of vendors at the Spring show--you don't want to miss out!

You can find Chris Rutan's links:
Rigmarole Design website which links to her Etsy shop and blog
Rigmarole on Facebook
Chris Rutan Photography
Crafty Mart event on facebook


  1. Thank you for sharing this bio. I always enjoy getting a better idea about the person behind the awesome handmade goodies I admire! I really like Chris's idea of keeping track of where her items end up on a world map.

    1. I like to follow her global sales--her excitement is contagious.