Friday, May 10, 2013

Rust & Found Grand Opening!

Rust & Found is located at 111 S. Canal St. in downtown Canal Fulton.

Rust & Found: Grand Opening!
by Joanna Wilson

I've been coaxed to the southern boundaries of the Empire before.  You may remember my trip last spring to Toys Time Forgot in downtown Canal Fulton.  This weekend, I made another trip to Canal Fulton--this time for the grand opening of a new shop Rust & Found.

Stepping through the front door, the shop opens up with many eye-catching pieces.

The shop is the vision of Rebecca Dunn, an artist who scours local flea markets, garage sales, and auctions for items that she can turn into projects to put her own touches on.  Rust & Found is filled with household decorative items, furniture, accessories, and accent pieces that Dunn has transformed into exciting one-of-a-kind items for your home or business.  Most are mid-century pieces that have been altered to fit contemporary tastes.  Calling her own style "rustic glam," Dunn uses bold colors and patterns to paint or re-upholster chairs, sofas, tables, desks, chests, boxes and more.  There's also a touch of vintage/industrial style to many of her pieces that also includes lamps, tables, clocks, picture frames, coffee tables, benches, and so much more.

Bold paint and modern upholstery fabrics breathe new life into mid-century furniture.

I fell in love with this industrial saw blade clock!

There's even an entire hanging display of unique lamps and lighting fixtures--LOVE the pulley lamp (left)

In addition to household items, there's even jewelry to suit many tastes.

A number of her creations are also re-purposed objects such as old architectural ornaments that she turns into lamps or a bench constructed from wood and pipes.  There was also a charming dog food and water bowl that she crafted from an old camp stove--that clever item sold while I was still in the store!

I was also really impressed with this re-purposed vintage door that has two book shelves, a bulletin board, and a light attached at the top! 

Rust & Found hosts their grand opening this weekend, May 9,10, and 11th.  They will be open again only once a month--so there will always be fresh new items in the store each time you visit.  They will be open again next month: June 13, 14, and 15th.  Click HERE for the Rust & Found website "Show & Sell dates and times.  I'm really excited to see what she creates for the store when it opens again next month!

Rust & Found is located at 111 S. Canal St. in Canal Fulton
(330) 280-1548
Rust & Found website:
Rust & Found facebook link

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