Wednesday, May 8, 2013

the virabrations project.

the virabrations project.
by Brit Charek

the virabrations project was founded in 2013 by former Akroners Kelly McHood and Caitlin Boyle after deciding to take part in Off the Mat, Into the World’s 2013 Global Seva Challenge. "In Sanskrit, 'vira' means brave or heroic, and vibrations are something that we all emit." The goal of the organization is to "tap into our brave vibrations and stand up for causes that we believe in" through activism, yoga, and awareness to help change detrimental issues on a global level. 

This year, their goal is to raise $40,000 to directly aid in alleviating the infringement of rights Ecuadorians and the Amazon are currently facing, in addition to raising awareness about this cause. 

On April 8, Ecuador’s second largest oil pipeline burst leaking 250,000 gallons of oil into the earth. Photo courtesy of OTM: Ecuador Oil Spill

I asked co-founder Caitlin Boyle (who is currently living in Germany while her boyfriend is on tour with Akron area rock band Simeon Soul Charger) why the Akron community should care about what's going on in Ecuador. "We are passionate about Ecuador and the Amazon Rainforest because what happens there," she says, "and what has been happening over the last forty or fifty years, greatly affects the entire world."

To learn more about the virabrations project or to send a donation, please visit their website at

To help them to reach their goal, Boyle and McHood are reaching out to artists to donate handmade items and services to be auctioned off online. If you are interested in donating an item or a service, or have any questions about the process, click here to learn more or email them directly at All entrees should be in by June 1. Akron Empire will remind our readers when the online auction begins and what Akron area goods and services will be available to purchase.

Kelly McHood and Caitlin Boyle, co-founders of the virabrations project.

"A crucial aspect of the virabrations project is to build our local and global communities through activism and awareness. By connecting with our local communities, both in Akron and in Germany, we are able to make positive global impacts," says Boyle. "When so many spread awareness about urgent issues such as environmental destruction, oil dependency, and oil consumption throughout their own local communities, positive, global shifts are bound to occur."

To learn more about the virabrations project, check out their website and keep up with them by following them on Facebook.

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