Friday, June 28, 2013

This Band Could Be Your Life: Comfort Clouds

This Band Could Be Your Life: Comfort Clouds
by Brit Charek

The Akron Empire has no shortage of talented musicians. One of my favorite local bands, Comfort Clouds, is releasing their second full-length album tonight at Square Records.

Two of the three members of Comfort Clouds started making music around 2008 under the name 'Dinomania'. They both started working for the Akron Public Library where they a met co-worker who would become their drummer and complete the band. In late 2010, they changed their name to Comfort Clouds and released their first full length album, The Dinner Set.

I first heard Comfort Clouds in 2011. I was looking for a band to perform at an event I was hosting and after asking for suggestions I was introduced to them by a friend who also works at the library. Not only did I love their sound, but they were really nice people! I picked up a copy of The Dinner Set and listened to it all winter. I was charmed by the intelligent lyrics rich with daydreams about history and fractions-- the type of thing you'd expect from graduate students who work for the public library system.

The bands' new album, Three New Sciences, follows the same formula of balancing intimate songs that can feel almost a little too honest with upbeat indie-pop songs all while maintaining a sophistication that comes along with what we call "art."

The band has their work cut out for them in the next year. "We're focusing on recording and releasing music quicker than we have in the past," says Jacob Trombetta, guitarist and vocalist. "The delay was completely due to our school schedules, but now, since we graduated, we can attempt to focus our energy. We also want to expand our arrangements. Comfort Clouds now has an identity to the members. We feel the sound we make can be placed into a lot of different musical settings."

Along those lines, in addition to the release of Three New Sciences, the band is also very excited to be working on a soundtrack for the film Ellie Lumme, by film critic Ignatiy Vishnevetsky. They described the film as "sort of a ghost story without a ghost."

"Ultimately, what I want to do is write my favorite album of 2014," says Trombetta.

Besides Trombetta, Comfort Clouds also includes Bob Ethington on percussion and Jennifer Anne Court on vocals and woodwinds. Court also takes all the photos for the album covers. The artwork for the new album is striking. Also appearing on Three New Sciences is Scott Moses on bass, and Mike Tolan on guitar and organ.

You can check out Comfort Clouds tonight, June 28, at Square Records where they will be celebrating the release of their new album. Please come and join them for an in-store performance of the album with an additional performance by Jairus D. McLat. The music starts at 7pm. To RSVP on Facebook, click here.

Visit Comfort Clouds' website.
Visit Comfort Clouds ' bandcamp.
You can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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