Monday, July 22, 2013

Color Me Rad 5k on Aug. 17th

Color Me Rad 5k in Akron, on Sat. August 17th, 2013
by Joanna Wilson

This summer is going by quickly, isn't it?  Have you been able to get outdoors and enjoy it?  Before the summer ends, those of us in the Empire have an exciting opportunity to get outside and enjoy themselves--at the Color Me Rad 5k being held at Derby Downs on the east side.

Not a seasoned runner?  Don't sweat it.  This family-friendly event isn't a race, as much as a fun opportunity to exercise and frolic while getting covered head to toe in brilliant color!  The 5k course (that's 3.1 miles to those that don't do metric lengths) isn't even timed--there are no clocks!  So walk, run, or  run/walk the course to your heart's delight.  Of course, runners are welcome too--but you'll need your own stopwatch if you need to know your finish time ;)

You have four full weeks to prepare for the rainbow-inducing event of the season!  If you aren't yet familiar, Color Me Rad sends crowds of people through a 5k course where you are doused with non-toxic color (it's corn starch--and completely safe) through several sections of the intense journey.  At the finish line, you'll be met by more crowds where you'll throw your own color packets (you get one in your race packet when you register) at the other finishers in an explosion of multicolored clouds.

Did you know:
~~ Wear a white t-shirt--you'll want to see all the color you're covered in!  That's the whole point.

~~ Children 7 and under participate for FREE with a paid adult--make sure to sign a waiver for their participation.  However, they won't receive their own race packet.

~~ Wear sunglasses.  It's August, people!  However, sunglasses or even goggles will help to keep your eyes powder-free.

~~BRING A CAMERA!  If you run or walk with it (or your phone), put it in a ziploc baggie to keep it clean.

~~ This is an awesome experience for newbies--as well as runners looking to put some FUN back into their 5ks.  Boost your self-esteem by completing a 3 mile+ journey that's more fun than you ever imagined.

~~ You can register either as an individual or as a TEAM.  So grab your friends and your family and join the fun.

~~ You'll have even more fun if you wear a costume!  Trust me--there will be MANY people in costumes.

~~ The event will be held rain or shine.

~~ I suggest bringing a towel to wipe yourself off before getting in your car after the event.  Some of these lessons I've learned the hard way!

Akron Empire's Brit and Joanna are both participating in Akron's Color Me Rad 5k--we hope you'll join us to experience the most colorful summer of your life!

We've even been given a discount for participants who haven't yet registered:  the first FIVE people to use the discount code "empire" will receive 20% off.   REGISTER NOW on their website!  and begin preparing for August 17th.  Look for us at Derby Downs.

Color Me Rad 5k website
Color Me Rad 5k on facebook
Color Me Rad 5k AKRON facebook event wall

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