Thursday, July 11, 2013

Local Photographer Aimee Lambes Hits the Road For Mobile Portrait Sessions

Akron Empire would like to welcome guest blogger Aimee Lambes. Aimee is a good friend and has been a great supporter of Akron Empire. She owns a photography business and loves roadtrips, so naturally she's spending this summer driving cross country and has scheduled portrait sessions along the way, while taking the opportunity to capture a variety of landscapes as well. Check out her website to view a sample her work, or you can follow her on Facebook. Thanks, Aimee, for sharing your adventure!

Indian Springs, GA

8251 Miles
by Aimee Lambes

One of my earliest memories is sitting under the piano bench: coloring on blank music paper while my mother played. I was lucky enough to grow up in a creative family; in addition to music, my mother also creates assemblages with ephemera and inks. I have a sister who is a very talented painter as well as jewelry maker and collage artist. My four brothers are a writer, a musician, a photographer and a furniture maker.

I have had the good fortune to travel all over the US in pursuit of my work. From an early age I had a hard time staying still, and traditional education chafed. I left school at 16 and moved 1000 miles from where I grew up. I wanted to teach myself by doing, and though it has been in a roundabout way, I believe I have found my path. I think it is easy to see beauty in a sunset or canyon. My mission is to find beauty in the human footprint.

Aimee is travelling over 8,000 miles this summer taking photos!

I have a friend in Georgia that lives 4 miles from where he was born and raised. His apartment is 6 miles from the office, and his travels are limited to to the adjacent states. Those trips have all been for work.

He thinks I'm crazy.

I am at the beginning of 8,521 miles and as I travel further from home everything changes. The landscape, the people, weather, driving habits. Atlanta drivers are aggressive, Charlotte's are fast, New Orleans' like to change lanes a lot. I have often wondered if the terrain dictates the driver, but there is not really anything to indicate that. Nor do I have the time and patience to find out.

The landscape changes so gradually that I don't notice much until several days have gone by. The people change quickly, though. Regional colloquialisms are fascinating. If I had more patience I could see myself studying the differences in speech and their origins, but I cannot sit in a classroom very long. Unless it is a classroom with a steering wheel...

The thing that changes the most is me, though. I can breathe. Not that I couldn't before, but suddenly I am not caretaker, wife, business owner, mom. I am an adventurer. It is just me and the car and the camera. For five weeks, anything is possible.

I am not crazy.

Abandoned Belks - Great Falls, SC

Crumbling Church - Lake Washington, MS

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