Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stray Dog Cart

Stray Dog Cart
by Brit Charek

According to Stray Dog Cart's Facebook page, they "roll around Akron, making people happy, and making Akron more Akrony." I'd have to say they do a great job at it. You can spot the brightly colored carts and experience the happiness yourself all over downtown Akron, at different area events and every Thursday night at Thirsty Dog Brewing Company.

They always have a wide range of interesting options available on the cart: from fried pear sandwiches to pizzas, and of course a good old basic hot dog with the option to garnish with homemade mustard and/or hot sauce. You can purchase the sauces online or even a Stray Dog T-Shirt at their online store. I'd recommend the mustard-- it's tangy with a hint of sweetness. They also carry vegetarian dogs so as not to leave anyone out!

Stray Dog Cart was at our One Year Anniversary Party back in April!

"Stray Dog Carts started as a hobby, sort of an advertising arm of a former business that I ran," says owner Charly Murphy. "It became popular quickly, and I decided to keep it going as it's own thing. This is summer number 5, and I just brought back from Columbus cart #5 this past Monday!" 

Hopefully Stray Dog Cart will be around for many more summers! You can find out where the carts are at each day by following them on Facebook. This weekend they will be the Peninsula Python Fest serving up python-shaped hot dogs, naturally.


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