Thursday, August 22, 2013

Modern Vintage in Hartville

Modern Vintage: Revitalized Home Decor
by Brit Charek

Photo courtesy of Modern Vintage's Facebook Page
I wasn't actually sure what I was getting into when I agreed to take an assignment to visit a couple local businesses in Hartville, Ohio. I knew I had heard about their famous flea market and wanted to check  that out, but besides that I couldn't even tell you where it was on a map.

As it turns out, it's not that far away. As a matter of fact it took me less than a half hour to get there from Akron U. My first stop was Modern Vintage, a boutique in the center of town that sells handcrafted goods which are mostly upcycled. (Right up my alley!)

Modern Vintage describes themselves as "a small group of local artists that share ideas, rent, working duties, and an appreciation for making something wanted out of the unwanted." I couldn't tell that anything at the store was previously unwanted because I wanted to buy everything. (If you don't believe me, check out some of their Facebook photos of items for sale!)

The store is basically a co-op boutique. There is work on sale from a half a dozen or so artists who all have unique styles to give the shop an eclectic variety of goods: restored and upcycled furniture, quirky decor and even handmade jewelry and other small gifts. 

In addition to having awesome goods, the decor of the store itself is worth the trip!

"The strength of our community will pave the way for the success of our individual shops," says Tara, the owner of Modern Vintage. She even started a campaign to encourage locals and visitors to visit other local businesses.f you happen to stop in, ask for the "Shop Small, Y'all" flyer to receive discounts at other Hartville area stores. 

Artist Jackie Wolven has been encouraging all the states to "Shop Small, Y'all!" Check it out by clicking here!

Modern Vintage is excited to announce that a new artist will be joining their space-- Jessica Kinsinger of Sassyfrass, "Create what you ADORE about your life to ADORN you-- Old and tired made new, beautiful, and useful!" Check out all her cool work on Sassyfrass's Facebook page!

Modern Vintage is excited to welcome Sassyfrass as a new vendor, just in time for Christmas shopping!
Modern Vintage is located at 110 S. Prospect Street in Hartville, Ohio. Check out Modern Vintage on Etsy and on Facebook and stayed tuned to Akron Empire to find out how you can win a Fall Hartville Getaway Package!

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