Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Recap of Akron Life Magazine's Best of City 2013 Showcase

Joanna & Brit from Akron Empire

Recap of Akron Life Magazine's Best of City 2013 Showcase at Summit Mall (August 3, 2013)
by Joanna Wilson

Last Saturday was a whirwind of attention and encouragement as we accepted our awards in the Best of City 2013 Showcase hosted by Akron Life Magazine.  Remember our original announcement about this event?  Not only did we get to step up on a stage in the center of Akron's Summit Mall to accept our awards but we manned a booth filled with fliers sharing some of the best groups, organizations, businesses, and restaurants that Akron Empire has written about in the past year. 

Another winner on Saturday was our friends from Givits Thrift and Recycle in Hudson.

Many, many thanks to all the people who not only voted for us but all the wonderful people who help to make Akron Empire worth reading.  We owe our thanks to the many guest bloggers as well as the awesome Akron community who continue to inspire us to share what we love about living here.

Lauren Ward of NOTO Boutique was another big winner on Saturday.

We were also honored to be at Summit Mall surrounded by so many other winners of the Best of City 2013, many of whom we've included on our blog in our first year.  Being among friends made the day a very pleasurable one.  Brit and I are inspired and encouraged to continue sharing what we love in the Empire in the coming year.  And, if you'd like to guest blog, we'd love to include you.  Please read and follow the instructions

Another winner at the showcase was the Saffron Patch restaurant.  They had free delicious food at their booth!

Directly behind our booth were the good people from the Akron Aeros.  Remember when Brit shared her experiences about attending a baseball game last summer?

Martell School of Dance was another winner at Saturday's showcase.  This studio is the location of DDPP-Akron, a favorite group we've shared about several times.

Brit also had booth space promoting Crafty Mart--another winner in Saturday's showcase.

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