Monday, September 30, 2013

Ohio Sausage Fest

Sausage Fest at Brandywine Country Club
by Brit Charek

"The United States is known as a melting pot, but it’s really more of a sausage fest," says Ohio Sausage Fest organizer, J Hudson. "Immigrants bring their sausage traditions to America and refuse to let their culinary ancestry be lost in their new land. They grind their meat, blend in spices, fill their casings and cure or cook their links in the traditions of the homeland. It can be experienced across our land every Fourth of July or summer weekend in the sweet smoke drifting from backyard grills."

Ohio Sausage Fest on October 5th at Brandywine Country Club will highlight the state’s rich tradition of ethnic sausage creators and crafters from Ohio cites and the surrounding countryside using strictly hormone-free and pasture-raised meats in their links and patties. There will be a chance to sample sausages from many cultures and countries crafted by local shops and farms.

When guests are done sampling the fare, they'll have the chance to vote on their favorite sausage and the winner will be awarded the First Ohio Sausage Fest Best Sausage Award Certificate.

In addition to meat, Sausage Fest will also have a variety of great craft beer from Northeast Ohio’s award winning microbrewers and ethnic brews from the home countries of our diverse links. There will be Sausage Fest t-shirts for sale, arts and crafts vendors and because we cannot live by sausage alone, there will be other food vendors like pierogi, ice cream and soda.

Manly Mart will be setting up shop at Sausage Fest. (We wrote about Manly Mart's first event back in June-- Click HERE to see that post again.) Besides endless innuendos, Manly Mart and Sausage Fest make perfect partners since they share a common demographic: dudes. Manly Mart will be slinging messenger bags and cycling gear, sports memorabilia-based art prints, punk rock buttons, beard oil, handmade robots, die-cast monsters and other handmade and vintage items made for dudes, by dudes.

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Ohio Sausage Fest 
5555 Akron Peninsula Rd, Peninsula, Ohio 44264
October 5, 2013 10:00am to 6:00pm

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