Thursday, October 3, 2013

Good Life Tattoos & Piercings Gives Back to Support Akron Children's Hospital

Akron Empire is excited to welcome back guest blogger Mathias Noble King. He wrote about his favorite Indian restaurant, Saffron Patch, last year. (Click HERE to see that post again!) Mathias, who is incredibly handsome, is the founder of Manly Mart, a craft fair where shoppers can purchase gifts exclusively for dudes by dudes and he also recently launched Tame Your Mane, a line of beard oil blended from essential oils.

Good Life Gives Back
by Mathias Noble King

12 PM? Pssht. As soon as I heard Good Life Tattoo & Piercings was hosting a $50 tattoo for charity event I knew I had to get there by at least 10 AM. Low and behold I was right. (Are you really surprised?) We were the 7th and 8th persons to stand in line and by 11 AM there was a line stretching to the end of the storefronts on West Market.

(photo credit
The Orange Truk showed up and there was a sigh of relief. There's nothing worse than standing in line to get a tattoo without delicious fresh gastrocuisine to fill your belly. Good Life didn't announce what tattoos were available to choose from, which just added to the excitement of the whole thing so as soon as they posted the flash sheet everyone was huddled around the door to the shop discussing which tattoo they were going to get. It was a three way tie between the eagle, the ship and the cowboy skull.

So many great designs to choose from
As we walked in we were ushered down the line, Chipotle style, filling out our papers, getting our drivers licenses photocopied, and letting the artists know which design we had picked. There was such a buzz in the air (Get it buzz-- cause we were in a tattoo parlor) and a sense of excitement and positivity that can only occur from getting tattooed by Akron's finest while contributing to a worthy cause. All the tattoo artists were in great spirits and ready for a full day of tattooing and fun. Due to showing up early we weren't there long, Brian and Jeremiah had us out the door by 12:45 with our one of 40 traditional style tattoos (We decided to get ships).

(His and Hers respectively.)

Upon leaving the shop, to get the most delicious noodles and cabbage ever, we realized the line had only gotten longer. A ton more people must have shown up even after we left, because when Jeremiah told me they were able to collect about $3,200.00 to spend on toys for the Akron Children's Hospital Playrooms. By the looks of it neither could the people at Akron Children's. Here's a video from when they dropped off the toys: Toys R Us even gave them an extra 15% off of the toys they purchased which resulted in an even greater reward for they hard work.

(Do I see some Adventure Time Toys? Showzow!)

All in all this was nothing short of of one of the best Sundays I've had in Akron in a while. Everyone should head over to Good Life to congratulate all the artists involved on a job well done and get another tattoo! Here are some photos that were taken during and after the event

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