Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Land of Plenty in West Akron

Land of Plenty's entrance is accessible from the rear parking lot--next to West Hill Hardware.
Land of Plenty: Beautiful Things from Every Era
by Joanna Wilson

People ask me why I write for Akron Empire and I often reply that it gives me the excuse to explore new places and meet people.  But this week's adventure is one of those times that I'm reminded once again about the truth of my statement!  A new store opened this past summer in the West Hill/Highland Square neighborhood, next to West Hill Hardware on W. Market Street.  Friends and friends of friends kept urging me to check it out and I finally made my way to Land of Plenty.

Once inside, you'll find the space opens up to reveal a stunning gallery space.

One can only enter the gallery from the rear parking lot, behind the storefront (see the top photo).  But once you walk inside, you'll find a large, welcoming, curated space filled with wonders of all sorts.  The store contains an eclectic mix of beautiful items including art, furniture, jewelry, books, records, plants, rocks, taxidermy, and decor for a wide variety of tastes.

LOVE these mid-century end tables and the 1960s table (on the right).

Awesome torpedo hanging lamp.  To the right is a shelving unit filled with cacti and other succulents.

There is a tasteful assortment of antique, vintage, and modern furniture and decor.  But the collection also features a wide assortment of art -- including paintings, refined crafts, as well as the meticulous, dimensional art of the shop's owner Kristi Wall.  My photos don't really capture the essence of this new place.  You'll have to experience it for yourself.  This place is surely an experience to behold for ones' self--a cool space for creative types, a one-of-a-kind spot for cutting edge art and artists that feels like the sky's the limit in terms of its potential as a store/gallery.

What an interesting table!  Lots of vintage items for creative people's homes.

My favorite store attraction is Little Mister, the shop's dog.

If you're looking for an excuse to check out Land of Plenty, mark your calendar for Saturday, November 2nd.  The store is hosting a special evening to come and hang out.  The evening will serve as the closing reception for the current art exhibited and the beginning of the next collection.  There will be a Halloween costume contest, electronic musicians and deejay, a bonfire in the back lot, and so much more.  Come and support the forefront of excitement in West Akron at Land of Plenty.

Land of Plenty is located at 339 W. Market Street, Akron OH 44303
(330) 703-5633
Hours: Thursdays-Saturdays 12p-7, Sundays 12p-4
Land of Plenty website
facebook page for Land of Plenty

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