Friday, December 20, 2013

The White Rabbit in Ravenna

Akron Empire is so excited to introduce guest blogger Erica Scheutzow! Erica, an artist, is a good friend and owner of As I Breathe I Hope, which offers a variety of quirky original plush characters made from new and recycled fabrics. Check out As I Breath I Hope on Etsy and on Facebook. Thanks for contributing to Akron Empire, Erica!

The White Rabbit in Ravenna
by Erica Scheutzow

The White Rabbit shop stems from the inspiration of two loving rabbits and a desire for something new. I first had the pleasure of meeting Brittany Christmas, the owner, almost exactly a year ago to the date of this interview at a craft show in 2012 and here our paths meet again! Brittany has a quaint little shop off Meridian Street in downtown Ravenna that specializes in selling handmade, one of a kind works of art from local artisans. Her concept of a consignment boutique for artisans started well over a year ago when she realized that there really isn’t a shop like this in Ravenna or surrounding areas. As we both agreed, it was a bit of a hassle to drive further out to larger cities for the same thing. “Why not just start my own?” said Brittany.

Since opening in June 2013, Brittany is very active in her community, always reaching out and getting involved with events. She has received much enthusiasm, curiosity and support from people near and far for her willingness to step out of the mainstream and not only highlight but encourage those crafty entrepreneurs. Shopping small really does come full circle!

Upon entering The White Rabbit, you’ll find a huge selection of items ranging from jewelry, textiles, paintings, pet accessories, decorations and much more all within an affordable budget, the average price range is $10-$30. You can’t beat that! Not to mention smiles and warm greetings from Brittany as she personally helps you shop and fills you in on each artist’s work. My experience with her was quite wonderful and I could tell that she was very proud and excited to have so many people stand behind her on her new venture. 

For more information about buying or selling at The White Rabbit please stop in the shop:

The White Rabbit
210 Meridian Street
Ravenna, Ohio 44266

OR, visit her social media networks:

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