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2013's Most Popular Guest Posts, Part 2

Joanna and I celebrating Akron Empire's first anniversary at Thirsty Dog Brewing Co.

2013's Most Popular Guest Posts, Part 2
by Brit Charek

2013 was a busy year for Akron Empire. I'm so honored and grateful to have had so many people approach me about contributing to the blog. Some of our guest bloggers have been blogging for years, and some were a little nervous about their writing ability. Some of them I've known for years, and some of them I only see in cyberspace. That aside, they all have one thing in common: they know about something really cool in the Empire that they want to share, and I'm so glad that they did!

Earlier in the week, Joanna shared her top 5 most popular guest posts-- click HERE to see that. Here were my most popular guest posts of the year:

5. 5 Reasons to Shop Crafty Mart by Dina of Dina's Days.
This isn't the first time Dina has contributed to the blog. In 2012, she wrote about the Best Thrift Shop in Akron. You might be surprised about the one she picked!

4. The White Rabbit in Ravenna by Erica Scheutzow
Unfortunately, the shop Erica wrote about has been closed, but we're looking forward to seeing more posts from one of our newest guest bloggers. You might have seen Erica at Crafty Mart, where she sells quirky plush items made from new and recycled fabrics under the name As I Breathe I Hope.

3. 8251 Miles
Photographer Aimee Lambes shared her experience driving cross country while taking portraits along the way. Aimee, who has a studio downtown Akron, has been a long time supporter of Akron Empire, and we're so excited to see what she'll be up to in the new year!

2. Good Life Gives Back
Mathias Noble King shared his experience at Good Life Tattoo & Piercing's charity event. The shop raised over three grand to buy toys for the waiting rooms at Akron Children's! Make sure to keep up with Akron Empire to find out about awesome events like this one.

1. The most popular guest post I organized from 2013 was J Hudson's review of Baxter's Bar, who have the best tacos in Akron! J is a long-time contributor to Akron Empire and also wrote about Fast Molasses, Record Store Day: The Holiday for Music Lovers and Justin Crowe's "Meme the World" Project this year.

Guest blogger J after officiating the wedding of myself and Mathias (also a guest blogger!)
Photo by Brian Adams Photography

Thanks so much to Dina, Erica, Aimee, Mathias and J and everyone else who has guest blogged for us! We're looking forward to hearing about more of your adventures in the new year!

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