Monday, January 13, 2014

2013's Most Popular Guest Posts

Joanna and Brit last August at Summit Mall for Akron Life Magazine's Best of City Showcase.

2013's Most Popular Guest Posts
by Joanna Wilson

Though Brit and I are the co-founders of Akron Empire, we welcome members of the community to write and share their favorite places, events, restaurants, and organizations in the Empire.  As we continue our reflection on posts from 2013, I wanted to share the most popular guest posts from last year.  (Brit worked with another group of guest bloggers--and she will include her own top 5 list of 2013 later this week).  How many of these essays do you remember reading the first time around? 

5.  Flip Side Burgers in Hudson by Stacey Lim.  Stacey shared with us her passion for a good burger.  In 2012, Stacey wrote about the burgers at The Rail--remember that popular post as well?

4.  Clever Little Devils Art Exhibit by Rob Lehr.  Though this particular art show is long gone, don't forget to keep an eye open for new exhibits coming to the Box Gallery located at Summit Art Space.

3.  Last August, Roza Haidet shared with us about the local arts organization Artists of Rubber City whose work is often exhibited at the Box Gallery.   I'm so proud that the posts about art and artists here on Akron Empire end up so popular!

2.  Dominic Caruso's restaurant review of Chin's Place, located in West Hill, ended up just a few views behind the most popular guest post of 2013.  Last February, Dominic wrote a record review for a split 7" with the bands Ultrasphinx and Bad Trouble which also ended up in the top of the most popular guest posts--check it out.

1.  The most popular guest posts from 2013 turned out to be two essays on a set of historical sites Perkins Stone Mansion (from last June) and John Brown House (from January) both written by Juniper Sage.  Have you taken the tour of either of these sites managed by the Summit County Historical Society

Many, many thanks to Juniper, Dominic, Roza, Rob, Stacey, and everyone else who guest blogs for Akron Empire

If you're interested in checking out what guest bloggers are sharing with Akron Empire, you can click on the Guest Bloggers button along the ride-hand side of this blog for a complete list with links to each of those posts.  Interested in sharing a favorite band, place to shop, event, organization, restaurant with us?  Email us at AkronEmpire [at] gmail dot com to talk to us about what you have in mind.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Brit and I are looking forward to an exciting new year, exploring the Empire and sharing our journey with you.  Thanks for reading.

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