Friday, January 31, 2014

Lucky Records in Wooster

Lucky Records
by Brit Charek

I've been spending a lot more time in Wooster, Ohio than I ever expected I would-- it's my husband's hometown. Just 45 minutes from Akron (and even closer for those who live on the west end of the Empire), the city's charming historic downtown is worth a day trip, especially if you judge a city by its record store, which of course I do.

The store and their award winning window display from Christmas!

Ironically (and for the amusement of the store's owner), Lucky Records opened on Friday the 13th in September of 2013. They buy and sell new and used vinyl records as well as service turntables and other record equipment. 

"I felt it was something the community was lacking," says owner Dave Rodgers, a Wooster resident who was getting tired of driving to Akron, Canton, Cleveland, or Columbus to feed his vinyl addiction. "There had to be some vinyl enthusiasts around here, and so far my hunch was correct. The response has been nothing but positive."

Photo courtesy of Lucky Records' Facebook page

I left Lucky Records with a used Costello, a re-issued Coltraine and some great conversation. Located in the middle of downtown, the store is a social hub as well as a destination for shoppers, as all record stores should be.

Lucky Records is located at 126 S Market Street in Wooster, OH. They are open 11am-7pm Tuesday through Saturday.

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  1. You know I don't think I've ever been to Wooster! I do love a great record store. If I'm ever there, I'll be sure to stop by.