Friday, February 7, 2014

Barbers West in Fairlawn

Barbers West
by Brit Charek

Anyone who knows me understands how much I love my son's curly hair. No matter how many times he was called "she" by strangers and how many snarky comments from family members I had to put up with, I still refused to get his curls cut off-- it was like admitting that he wasn't a baby anymore.

I started looking around for an appropriate place to take him for his first real haircut, which is when I heard about Barbers West in Fairlawn. I planned to take him a few times, but then chickened out with the excuse that I wanted to wait until after my wedding, and then his curls just looked so cute! Last week I finally bit the bullet and took him to Barbers West, which I'd recommend to any mom facing the same dilema.

Barbers West is located 2950 West Market Street behind the SeibertKeck building.

Barbers West is a traditional barber shop. They specialize in haircuts for men and boys on a walk-in basis. They don't offer any chemical services, just quality haircuts.

"I tried to put a modern flare on a traditional art," says owner Cindy Richards, a barber of 31 years who opened the shop in October of 2012. The shop is clean and modern, with an old-fashioned feel to it. There is a comfy waiting room with toys and books to occupy little people as well as adults, although no one had to wait more than a few minutes for an open seat.


Our barber T.J., who comes from a family of barbers, was very patient with Holden, who was afraid of the noisy clippers. He even let him touch them to show him that they didn't hurt, but Holden was still freaked out so he patiently combed out Holden's tangles (there's one thing I won't miss about his curls!) and trimmed his hair with scizzors. After it was all said and done, Holden picked out a blue lollipop and was excited to go home and show off his new look.

T.J. did a great job on Holden's haircut, eventhough he refused to let him use the clippers.
Barbers West is located at 2950 West Market Street in Fairlawn. They are open Monday through Friday 9am-6pm and Saturday from 8am-2pm. They don't take appointments and only accept cash.

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