Monday, February 3, 2014


Do you know where to go sledding in the Akron area?  Located in the North Akron, Cascade Valley's Oxbow area also attracts westside residents.

The Best Sledding in the Akron Area
by Joanna Wilson

Even though we are already half way through winter, there is more snow in our immediate forecast.  The surest way I know to endure a long winter in Akron is to surrender to its charms--and sledding is my favorite winter activity! 

I'm not kidding! I love to go sledding.  This is me, last week, on my way down the hill at Cascade Valley.  Sledding is NOT just for the kiddies!

I'm still a little surprised when I hear people (or see people commenting on facebook) that they don't know where to go for the best sledding in The Empire.  Might I suggest turning to one of our best local resources: The Metro Parks, Serving Summit County?  Many of the specially designated sledding hills in The Metro Parks offer restrooms, fire pits, lighted hills for after-dark sledding, and plenty of parking.  The Metro Parks website has a graphic that lists which of their parks offers the various winter sports/activities (including ice skating, cross-country skiing, sledding, and winter hiking) and which sledding hills include lights for after-dark sledding.  Click HERE to see that graphic.

Between runs down the hill, warm the young ones' hands by the fire!  This is the fire pit at Cascade Valley.

Please encourage your children to read the signs and pay attention to their own and others' safety.

The Metro Parks, Serving Summit County have sledding hills in many locations including:
Cascade Valley-Oxbow Area
Firestone Metro Park
Furnace Run (in Richfield)
Goodyear Heights
Munroe Falls
Sand Run

One of the more impressive hills is at Goodyear Heights on the city's east side (Newton Rd).  It also offers lights for sledding at night!

My landscape photography skills need a lot of help.  But this is the intimidating hill at Goodyear Heights.  It is fun coming down this hill but it offers a long walk back to the top!  Sledding conditions right now: a thin layer of snow on top of ice makes for a FAST RIDE!

As we attempt to survive this year's long winter, let's do it with some fun and excitement.  Grab a sled, tobaggan, inner-tube, plastic disc, or a sheet of plastic and hit the hill running!  Where do you go sledding?  What other snow-filled activities keep you busy during the winter?

The Metro Parks, Serving Summit County website
The Metro Parks on facebook
*each of the parks also have their own facebook page
or call the Parks' seasonal hotline for information: 330-865-8060
The Metro Parks on twitter: @metro_parks

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  1. My favorite place to sled!! That park is beautiful in the summer and fall too.