Monday, April 28, 2014

Mobile Boutiques Set Up Shop at Crafty Mart

Mobile Boutiques Set Up Shop at Crafty Mart
by Joanna Wilson

Crafty Mart is offering something a little different at their next event this coming Saturday: two mobile fashion boutiques.

Although mobile boutiques are popular on the west coast and down south, they are a new idea here in Ohio.  Rockeverywear's Fashion truck hit the streets within the last month, and Truckshop, which is based in Cincinnati, got started last July.

The Rockeverywear Fashion truck was an idea born when the the company had to close the doors of their brick and mortar location in Akron.

"I wanted something that was unique and could reach a larger audience by being mobile," said Ryan Weiss, owner of Rockeverywear Apparel. "We have only done two events so far but they have had a wonderful response and people love the truck."

Keep an eye out for the Fashion Truck around Akron all summer.  Details will be announced soon about an official launch party in June. Check out Rockeverywear's website for more details.

Ashley Volbrecht, owner of Truckshop, said she was inspired by a fashion truck she saw in LA, but of course she wanted to do it better so she came home and bought a bread truck off Craigslist.  "I love to shop," she told Akron Empire, "and I wanted to bring a style I thought was missing from the Midwest!"

Both trucks will be set up right out front of Musica at East Market Street and Maiden Lane on this Saturday, May 3rd for Crafty Mart Presents: The Mom & Pop Shoppe, an indie craft show with over 50 vendors selling handmade gifts just in time for Mother's Day and Father's Day, or just because.

For more information, visit Crafty Mart's website or Crafty Mart's Facebook page.

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