Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Allie M. Designs

Allie M. Designs: Jewelry, Clothing, and More
by Joanna Wilson

Now that Spring has finally sprung, it is such a treat to walk around and see what's going on.  One change I've noticed is Allie M. Designs has moved!  Her shop is still downtown but now it is located right next to Urban Eats on Maiden Lane.  (It used to be around the corner on High Street).  This new location gives Allie M. Designs a boost in foot traffic and an opportunity for more people to discover the special treasures available inside.  She has been in her new location since January this year.

Do you know where Musica is located?  Next to that is Urban Eats--and the shop next door is Allie M. Designs.

Allie M. Designs centers around her custom, personalized jewelry line that she makes in-store.  The jewelry is bracelets, necklaces, and accents that incorporate a wide variety of charms.  The charms feature a wide variety of styles including maps, text and slogans, cute animals, colored glass, spices--her imagination is unlimited.  Select whichever charms you like for a one-of-kind expression for your wrist or for around your neck.

The jewelry is literally the center of the store, and displayed from a hanging table.

Easily customize each piece of jewelry with various charms--or select what you like as a gift for someone else!

The store includes more goodies than just the unique line of jewelry.  There are also women's clothes,
specially brought in from Los Angeles.  If you're looking for a simple, vintage style in comfortable, casual clothes, you'll want to check out her line.

Now that warmer weather has arrived, I'm ready to slip into these soft, comfortable fashions.

Allie M. Designs also includes consigned items from local artists as well.  I recognized t-shirts by Sickle & Sullivan Printmakers, jewelry and key chains by Kool Platez, and more.  She also has a shelf full of essential oils.  The shop owner is a frequent vendor at local arts & crafts shows so she meets the best of the other professional local artists.  During the next Art Walk--June 7th (and the first Saturday of every month)--drop into Allie M. Designs and let her know how much you like her new location.

Allie M. Designs is located at 51 E. Market Street, Akron OH 44308
(330) 760-1240
She's usually open during the week 10am-3pm, and additional hours when there's a special event nearby.

Check out her facebook page Allie M. Designs for more information and additional links.

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