Monday, May 5, 2014

Giant Donut at North Hill Donuts

The promise of a fourteen inch donut on a poster in the window of North Hill Donuts

Giant Donut at North Hill Donuts
by Joanna Wilson

Special occasions in my house are always celebrated with a cake--birthdays, anniversaries, noteworthy achievements--you get the idea, we love sugar!  But this also means we're always looking for something a little different to make our special occasions feel fresh.  This past year, I've seen on social networking sites how friends have been enjoying a cake-sized donut they've been able to order from a local donut shop.  So this past weekend for my birthday, I too got my very first giant donut from North Hill Donuts.  My only regret:  I now wish I had more than one birthday per year!

Yes, this giant donut comes in a large pizza-style box!

The familiar architecture reveals that this building was once, several decades ago, a Dunkin Donuts.  Now, North Hill Donuts is a locally-owned and operated, independent donut shop that specializes in making their donuts fresh--and from scratch.  You can taste the difference!

North Hill Donuts, located at 662 E. Tallmadge Ave. in Akron, is a locally-owned, old-school donut shop that has the special giant donut on the menu.  They ask that you phone in your order at least 24 hours in advance, and choose from three flavors of icing.  (My giant donut in the photo above features strawberry icing!)  You gotta love these donut shops surviving our ever-changing Akron neighborhoods for decades--they know their business!

The interior is a cozy, diner-style donut shop owned by Louis and Linda Tsakalis.  Next time you're looking for something different to celebrate your birthday or any special occasion, consider supporting a local small business and get yourself a giant donut!  Then invite me over--I'm lovin' these donuts!!

North Hill Donuts
662 E. Tallmadge Ave., Akron OH 44310
North Hill Donuts on facebook

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