Friday, June 27, 2014

World Cup Soccer with Akron American Outlaws at Manny's Pub

World Cup Soccer at Manny's Pub
by Brit Charek

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

Sometimes you lose, but you still win? That's what happened at the USA vs. Germany World Cup match yesterday, and the crowd gathered at Manny's Pub near the University of Akron campus rejoiced.

Even though the yanks lost, and let me tell you-- it was a nail-biter, they still get to move on to the knockout round along with the German team.

I've had an interesting relationship with soccer over the years. When I was just 21, I took a job as a waitress at The Globe Pub in Chicago, one of the only pubs in the city that would show live matches from all over the world. Believe me, I've seen soccer fans at their best and most certainly at their worst. Especially when it came time for the World Cup.

When I heard that Akron had formed their own branch of the American Outlaws, a group of US soccer supporters, I had to see what it was all about. That's how I found myself at Manny's Pub yesterday, which is where the Outlaws gather to watch matches.

The American Outlaws are an unofficial supporters' group for the United States men's national soccer team established in 2007 with chapters all over the country. Check out their website to learn more.

I should have realized what a big deal the game was when my husband and I had to drive around the block three times to find parking. We got into the pub just in time for the kickoff, and it was packed. There were fans of all ages crammed in the pub, all decorated head to toe in US colors chanting, singing and pumping fists in the air together.


Like I said earlier, the game was a nail-biter. The two teams were so evenly matched that they were pretty much playing defense the whole 90 minutes.

The US moving on to the next round was also dependent on the outcome of another match that was going on at the same time, which led to my husband nervously refreshing his phone every minute or so. When Portugal scored their second goal over Ghana in the second have of the game, the crowd celebrated and some of the tension started to ease.

The next match will be on Tuesday, July 1 at 4pm where Team USA will take on Belgium, and the Akron Outlaws will again gather at Manny's. This time, I think I'll try to get there earlier. Go USA!

For more info about the Akron American Outlaws, check out their Facebook page.

Manny's Pub is located at 394 Brown Street, just south of Exchange in Akron, Ohio.

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