Thursday, August 14, 2014

Wanted: Guest Bloggers for Akron Empire!

Wanted: Guest Bloggers for Akron Empire!
by Brit Charek

Do you love Akron? Do you have a favorite thing to do in town that you'd like to share? If so, you should share it with Akron Empire!

Since Joanna and I started blogging two and a half years ago, friends have approached us with things that we should write about-- which is awesome, and it has given us some really great experiences-- but we have limited time and resources to explore these leads. That's why we have opened up our blog to guest bloggers, who can share their own experiences.

Some people are intimidated by the idea of posting their writing on the internet, but I assure you-- it's not a big deal. And to put you at ease, here are some tips as you develop your post:

The post can be as long or short as it needs to be.
Many of our guest bloggers are writing about something they really love--whether it's their good friend's band, their favorite place to eat, or an event they love-- and they want to do it justice. That doesn't mean you need to squeeze in every detail. Give the readers a taste of what you like about your subject, and let the reader discover some things for themselves!

Timing is everything.
Are you trying to help promote an event? Approach us sooner than later.  Joanna and I each post once a week, and since we have a backlog of awesome ideas--many of them time-sensitive--it's good to send us an email ahead of time so that we can schedule it and give you a timeline for when you should have the post ready for us.

People love lists.
We live in the digital age--it's great to have options. Check out Dina's 5 Reasons to Shop Crafty Mart or Jenny Jones's 5 Great Hikes in the Akron Area.

Not so great with words? Try pictures!
My buddy Heather took such great photos of the Light-UP Lantern Festival that the pictures spoke for themselves!  I just wrote a paragraph to give them some context, which would be easy for any great (or amateur!) photographer.

From Joanna's post about Flurry's Cafe

We love food posts!
Everyone needs to eat, and we love to hear about great places to go! We also love supporting area businesses and encouraging Akronites to reinvest their hard-earned money locally instead of at generic chain restaurants.

Check out guest bloggers' reviews of some of our favorite restaurants: Saffron PatchFlip Side Burgers, the Blue Door Café, and Chin's Place in West Akron.

But I have so many things that I could write about...
That's even better! Limit it to one thing for now--you can always write for us again in the future! We have plenty of guest bloggers that return once, twice, and even five times.

Nothing nice to say?
Then we're not the blog for you. Even though we encourage honest reviews of music, food, and other Akron experiences, our ultimate goal is to support all things local.

This is another reason we want guest bloggers! Just because I have no interest in the Akron death metal scene (or maybe I do? It's just an example...) and therefore don't have the language to talk about it, that doesn't mean it's not awesome. It just means someone besides myself is better suited to write about it, and find an audience for it.  Akron Empire is happy to give you that platform.

Ok, you win. I'm interested in blogging!
If you have a subject you’d like to write a blog post about for Akron Empire, please email us and place the words ‘I wanna WRITE’ in the subject line.

Click HERE for a list of all our posts by guest bloggers.

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